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5 Famous Shirt Brands For Men In India

top mens shirt brands

Are you looking for the top shirt brands in India? Shirts for men have evolved from a fundamental ceremonial need to defining sartorial sophistication. Popular fashion-forward manufacturers provide fashionable and comfy men’s shirts. So, if you’re looking for the greatest branded shirt names list in India, we brought you top options to choose brands that offer solid to block printed shirts for men in India.

Can’t wait to know what shirt brands are? Wait no longer and let’s read further.

5 Famous Shirt Brands For Men In India

Here are the best shirt brands for men In India that you should definitely give a try to.

1. Peter England

It is one of India’s largest menswear brands, noted for its uniform fits, trendy designs, and high quality. Peter England’s shirts are a great combination of comfort and style, making it the top men’s shirt brand. You can wear these men’s shirts to a formal or informal occasion and range in fit from standard to slim.

2. Ajio

Ajio, a product of the well-known Reliance Industries, is known for some stunning modern styles that match the modern man of today. The incredibly low costs of these shirts for men, which are quite easy on any pocket, add to the thrill of purchasing. Rather than the top shirt brands, Ajio is the perfect destination to shop for men’s kurta, jeans, winter wear, and street-style men’s co-ord sets.

Ajio is primarily a digital lifestyle brand, and you can only purchase its items on its official website. As a result, the brand’s offers are absolutely unique.

3. Arrow Shirts

Arrow is owned by the Arvind Group and is produced in India. It was founded in India in 1993 and has since become the go-to brand for shirts for formal occasions. Arrow, on either hand, has changed with the times, establishing Arrow New York and Arrow Sport to cater to younger audiences and casual shirts, respectively. Flipkart is a great place to get this popular brand of shirts.

4. Zodiac

Zodiac is a market leader in men’s premium clothes and accessories. Its multinational and refined trends reinvent men’s fashion. Zodiac is well renowned for its designs that will instantly update your style. The combination of fashion and elegance gives these Zodiac shirts a unique advantage. Purchasing these Zodiac shirts for a casual or formal meeting will be the best bet this season.

5. Tommy Hilfiger

An American brand that has quickly established itself in the Indian market since its launch. Though the goods are a little on the pricey side, the bulk of the audience like them because of the high-quality fabric and cosmopolitan designs. Hence, blackberry is coming to the list of India’s #1 shirt brands.

6. BlackBerry

It is an Indian company with an outstanding collection of suits and blazers, as well as beautiful shirts to go with them. It is important that a business that focuses on a man’s formal demands creates great Shirts for them. The shirts supplied by Blackberry are made of high-quality fabric, and the fit is exactly ideal for you. Since 1991, Blackberry has been a major player in Indian textiles. As part of Mohan Co. Pvt Ltd., the firm has developed its own reputation for elite clothing. It has ruled the Indian clothes landscape with goods that boost your style and X-factor.


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