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6 Google Maps Features Everyone Needs To Know

Google Maps is a must-have app for every smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone or an Android device. Avoiding traffic or finding a way to get somewhere, and even if you can’t find a parking lot at the destination, the mind becomes irritable. Fortunately, the Google Maps app is the solution to all of these problems, providing users with a wide range of services.

But it also has some features that very few people are aware of. With Google Maps you can save addresses like ‘Work’ and ‘Home’, so with one click, you can know the direction to these places that you visit often.

You can also find out where to eat, where to stay, and more. Google Maps also helps you with things you may not know about, such as downloading a map of a place to use offline and it also gives you an accurate estimate time it takes to get to a place and can do much more things.

Here is our Android Spy with a list of features that are present in Google Maps that most people are not familiar with.

See where you are walking in the live view

Sometimes it is difficult to know where to go by looking at a small blue dot figure when traveling one or two miles away, but the solution is the Google Live View tool, on which you can see on the phone screen that where you are heading. This feature allows the phone’s camera to scan the buildings and locations around you to find the right location. To use it, enter your destination in Google Maps and click Go.

Then select the walking icon, and click on the Live View button at the bottom of the screen which will be equal to the Start button. Then turn the camera to the buildings and street signs, and as you walk toward the destination, the big arrows and street names will appear on your screen and guide you.

Try incognito mode

This is a new feature that became part of Google Maps last year, allowing you to hide your location from other Maps users and prevent those locations from being stored in your account data that you search. To use it, open Google Maps, click on the profile icon, and turn on incognito mode, it can also be turned off.

Android Tracker pick: Plan a tour

This is our favorite feature on the list. If Google Maps gives you 7 hours to get somewhere and it takes you 8 hours, one of the reasons is that you didn’t include stops along the way. Google Maps gives you the option to add more stops to tell you the exact time to reach your destination. To use it, enter your first destination, such as a hotel, into Google Maps, then click Directions.

Now go to the three-dot menu at the top and click on the ad stop option and enter the number of places you intend to stop, and then click on Done to know the more accurate time to reach the destination.

See pictures of places before you go

Photos can be deceptive online, so check them out first on Google Maps before booking a good-looking hotel. To do this, search for the desired hotel or location on Google Maps, and in the lower-left corner, you will see a small box with a picture of a building, which will be a street view of the area, click on it to see how it looks. It is visible. You can also zoom in to see the area on the screen.

Local guides

Google states that the number of people using Local Guides now stands at 150 million, with reviews, photos, and details shared on Maps. In 2020, more than 800,000 locations in Local Guides were added to the app. The coronavirus pandemic has led people to rely more on Google Maps for standard and up-to-date details about places around them, such as restaurants.

Use offline maps

Where phone signals do not work, you can use the offline map to find your destination by entering your destination in the app, clicking on the name of the place at the bottom of the screen, and in the top right corner.



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