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9 Strategies To Grow YouTube Views And Increase Subscribers [Updated]

We achieved this by implementing a number of tried-and-true tactics that enabled us to grow YouTube views and increase YouTube subscribers

  1. I’ll share those techniques with you in this article.
  2. Identify the subjects that people are looking for
  3. keep the focus of your channel narrow.
  4. Give the public what they want.
  5. Double down on effective format choices
  6. Maintain a regular publishing schedule
  7. Make a playlist with your videos on it.
  8. Links from outside sources to your YouTube channel
  9. Utilize the interactive tools on YouTube.
  10. Encourage your audience to subscribe

1. Concentrate on subjects that people are looking for

Nobody will subscribe if they aren’t already watching your content. Getting subscribers requires having views.

How can you grow YouTube views?

Produce videos on themes that are searched for on YouTube to rise in the rankings.

How do you discover these subjects?

Make use of our free YouTube keyword tool. It will display up to 150 keywords and their projected monthly search volumes when you enter any topic.

Looking for a bigger source of inspiration?

To get inspiration from our collection of more than 800 million YouTube keywords, use Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer.

After completing that, you must produce an optimised video that will appear in YouTube search results. To make it, go to this guide or see this video:

More views should logically result in more subscribers if we believe that a portion of all viewers subscribe to your channel.

2. Keep the focus on your channel’s topic.

Making a film about something isn’t always a good idea just because people are searching for it.

For instance, 3,000 Americans seek for “hainanese chicken rice” each month:

Information from the Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

The fact that this topic has nothing to do with SEO, the subject that interests our subscribers, means that even though we could upload a video on it, rank in search, and gain a tonne of viewers and subscribers, it wouldn’t be a wise move.

That’s undesirable for two reasons:

They’ll stop subscribing. What purpose does it serve to acquire subscribers if this occurs?

They’ll interfere with how engaging our video is. If your viewers don’t enjoy your video, expect dislikes, critical comments, and short viewing times, among other things.

If you’re wondering why the second point has anything to do with subscribers, it has to do with how well (or poorly) a video is engaging viewers, as this might effect how well it ranks in YouTube searches. It may also affect whether a video is suggested in the sidebar.

The most consistent views are typically sent by these two traffic sources, which generates a steady flow of subscribers.

Because of this, you should try to maintain your channel’s theme as consistent as you canespecially in the beginning.

We took that action. We began by concentrating only on SEO-related subjects.

This made it simpler to gain the engagement of our subscribers, have YouTube promote our videos to new but related audiences, and increase YouTube subscriber base.

3. Provide folks with what they’re seeking

If the opening three minutes of your video are about BMWs yet the headline of your video is “Tesla Model 3 vs. Tesla Model Y,” then your viewers will leave and won’t subscribe.

A good YouTube video fulfils the desires and needs of the viewer.

How do you determine what your audience wants?

Some things are rather simple to understand. When a topic is “how to prepare scrambled eggs,” viewers are looking for instructions.

YouTube demonstrates this, as all of the top results are exactly these:

It’s more complicated for other subjects. Consider the subject of “Nintendo Switch Games” as an illustration. Do individuals want to read reviews? A list? Gameplays?

Enter the topic into YouTube and look at the results to determine that. In this context, they primarily consist of lists of the greatest video games ever made:

You’ll very probably need to build something similar if YouTube is predominately ranking a particular video format, as is the case in the example above, in order to have any chance of ranking.

4. Increase your use of effective forms

Although it could have appeared that increasing our subscription base was a bed of roses, it wasn’t. We continued to make errors as we went along.

For instance, Sam Oh, our YouTuber, had the chance to visit the Ahrefs headquarters in Singapore in 2018. We had about 30,000 YouTube subscribers at the time.

A video documenting Sam’s trip to Singapore was something we thought our audience could find interesting.

We were entirely mistaken.

The only video on our entire channel that attracted exactly zero subscribers was Sam’s vlog from Singapore.

So, we took it off the market.

In actuality, our subscribers are solely interested in SEO and digital marketing guides that assist them in achieving success for their websites, YouTube channels, and enterprises. You’ll observe that’s all we currently publish.

This serves as a reminder to stick with a format once you’ve discovered one that works, however it doesn’t imply you shouldn’t try other ones.

5. Maintain a regular publishing schedule.

Our subscriber base only started to increase seriously in 2018 when we began releasing one video every week.

Making a weekly publishing commitment allowed us to create more content. Having additional content increased views. More views increased the likelihood that more people would subscribe to our channel, increasing the number of subscribers we had.

Therefore, establish a publication schedule that you are comfortable with and adhere to it if you want to increase your YouTube subscriber count.

By doing this, you will avoid the frequent rookie error of publishing once and then becoming silent for a while.

The good news is that it is not need to be a weekly video. It only matters that you are able to continuously keep to your schedule.

6. Create a playlist from your videos.

You can upload your videos to various playlists on YouTube:

While playlists won’t immediately result in subscriptions, they do raise the possibility that someone may view multiple videos. Additionally, people are more inclined to click the subscribe button the more exposure they have to your content.

Playlists are beneficial in all respects. They enhance user interaction and engagement and increase the number of subscribers.

7. Include links to your YouTube channel on other websites

Our channel homepage is clearly our second-largest subscriber driver, according to our channel data.

In other words, we’ll probably acquire more subscriptions the more people we can get there.

That is one of the reasons our other marketing channels link to the homepage of our YouTube channel. Consider the front page of our website:

Several of our blog postings also:

But we don’t just stop at the things we have control over. For instance, when a member of the marketing team participates in a podcast interview or gives a talk and the host inquires about how their audience might learn more about us, we frequently advise them to look for Ahrefs on YouTube.

Additionally, hosts of podcasts will undoubtedly connect to our channel from the episode we produced together.

On the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, Tim Soulo, our Chief Marketing Officer, was interviewed.

Utilize YouTube’s interactive tools.

To entice viewers to subscribe, YouTube offers a few interactive features that you can include in your video. You could, for instance, include watermarks:

The subscribe button appears when a viewer hits the watermark in one of your videos. Additional end-screen subscription buttons are available:

Don’t have unrealistic expectations and expect your subscription rate to magically increase because these features have only contributed to about 1.5% of our members in 2020.

However, adding them to your videos is still worthwhile because they are quick to do so and still help you grow your subscriber base.

9. Encourage your audience to subscribe

Don’t forget to remind your viewers to subscribe if they aren’t already.

The general pattern we employ is quite straightforward—we just add the “ask” and explain why. Therefore, we’ll just state “be sure to subscribe for more practical SEO and marketing tutorials” for our regular videos.

Additionally, if we were to do a series of films, our “ask” would be to “be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next video in the series.”

Just watch out not to do too much. The “ask” is frequently repeated in the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of YouTube videos.

This is not only useless, but it is also unpleasant, which can discourage visitors from becoming subscribers. Because of this, we put the ask at the end of our films to keep it brief.

last thoughts

These strategies have worked really well for us on our YouTube channel, and there’s no reason they won’t for you.

Do you require further YouTube view-boosting strategies?

Do you want to know how to rank your videos on Google?

Did I overlook any clever YouTube subscriber growth strategies?

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