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Affiliate IMechE Membership Benefits

IMechE Membership

Attaining IMechE Membership as an affiliate member will bring with it countless benefits. Therefore, more and more engineering profession aspirants look for this membership.

So, if you are one of those dreaming of this status, reading this article can help you. It will not only familiarize you with the benefits of membership, but it will tell you other things related to that. Now, let’s move further.

You can join the Institution of Mechanical Engineers if you are a part-time or full-time student or apprentice.  Aside from that, you can also join if you are interested in engineering. Having known how the conditions to attain membership as an affiliate member, now let’s move further to know its benefits.

Benefits of IMechE membership as an affiliate member:

The following are the membership benefits for you as an affiliate member:

Helpful in planning your career:

Gain a much deeper engineering knowledge:

Have access to the resources of IMechE:

You will have access to a global-level engineering library

Get a discount on IMechE’s training courses, seminars,s, and conferences

You will also be able to find out about awards and scholarships to get financial assistance

Have practical and financial support using IMechE’s benevolent find- Support Network

Who is eligible for IMechE membership as an Affiliate member?

You are eligible for applying to become an Affiliate member for the duration of your studies providing that you are:

If you are actively interested in engineering but don’t have a qualification, you can apply for an Affiliate membership.

IMechE membership fees for Affiliate members:

Age 2022
Undergraduate apprentices and students Free
Below 25 £43.00
25-26 £101.00
27-29 £172.00
Over 30 £201.00

Application fees for non-members:

When applying, keep your application fees ready along with the required documents:

Affiliate £40 (apprentices and students

don’t pay an application fee)

Associate English
English £40.00
Fellow £200.00
IEng or CEng £120.00

The application fee is non-refundable

Fees from Jan 1, 2022:

Affiliate £41 (apprentices and students

Don’t pay an application fee)

Associate English
English £41.00
Fellow £205.00
IEng or CEng £125.00

The application fee is non-refundable

Top 10 all IMechE member benefits:

Newsletter Updates:

Sign in to mail updates on the latest engineering and institution news, member updates train, ing, and volunteering opportunities. You will also stay updated with policy work and IMechE’s regional and industry updates.

Career Developer:

You can record, review and plan your CPD with IMechE’s online tool Career Developer. It will help you manage your professional development at any phase of your career as an engineer.

Webinars and Events:

Have a deep understanding of the latest engineering trends, repo, starts, and thought leadership with IMechE’s global range of technical events and online webinars.

Archive and Library:

You will get over 75,000 textbooks, journals, standa, rds, and reports online by having access to specialist engineering databases. In addition to that, you will also explore our extensive Archive.

Engineering Challenges:

Improve your skills and get inspiration by partaking in Formula Student, Design Challenge, Home Automation Challe, one, and Railway Challenge. In addition to that, you can also take part in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Challenge.

Make your network:

Get connected with other engineers near you and make your professional network with IMechE support. For that, you can find out about the events and seminars happening near you, or join a local committee.

Help future engineers:

By using your deep engineering knowledge and zeal, you can inspire the next generation of engineers. You can do so by taking on one of IMeche’s many volunteering opportunities.

Pay own contribution to the development of professional engineers:

As an assessor or mentor, you can utilize your experience for the guidance of developing engineers through their professional life.

Engineering Awards:

IMechE works to encourage, inspire and celebrate engineers and technicians. It does so by its awards and scholarships open to both non-members and members.

Exclusive Member offers:

You will get support from and access to expert services to satisfy the requirements of you and your business. It includes legal and business advice, insurance, motor, ing and travel solutions.


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