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Audemars Piguet fake launches the new ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE Royal Oak Offshore Music Special Edition watch to interpret the colorful colors of the music world

In July 2022, Brassus – Swiss luxury watch brand Audemars Piguet launches five new Royal Oak Offshore fake watches, available in 37 and 43 mm sizes and made of different materials , including two in titanium, two in 18K white gold with gemstones, and one in black ceramic. The Tapisserie check dial ankara escort bayan is decorate with the equalizer pattern common in recording studios.

The model with a diameter of 37 mm is equippe with the new Calibre 5909 movement. And the 43 mm model is equippe with the new Calibre 4309 movement. Both of which are self-winding movements that display hours. Minutes and seconds. The new work launched this time pays tribute to the collaborative innovation of Audemars Piguet. And the music industry over the years with a unique aesthetic design.

The new 37mm and 43mm Royal Oak Offshore Self-winding Music Special Edition watches, available in different materials. Including gem-set models, have design details reminiscent of a recording studio.

Tribute to the world of music

Sound has always been at the heart of horological art, long before the time could be read from the dial. Chimes were struck. Since its inception, Audemars Piguet has established a deep relationship with the music world. And played a pioneering role in the development of timepieces. Royal Oak Offshore Royal Oak Offshore has launched a number of collaborative watches with music artists, showing a wonderful collision of inspiration.

Today, the new Royal Oak Offshore pays homage to its long-standing ties to the world of music. The Tapisserie check dial features an equalizer pattern. The knurled fixed links of the strap are shape like audio plugs. And accordingly the crown guard is inspire by the bridge on the mixer faders.

These self-winding watches with hours, minutes and seconds display are equippe with sapphire crystal glass, which is symmetrical with the axis between 6 o’clock. And 12 o’clock on the dial, showing a curved surface shape, with a wider chamfered bevel. The colorful design is full of popular vitality.

Two titanium models
Different size design, also restrained and steady

The two Royal Oak Offshore automatic music special editions are mad of titanium, with diameters of 37 and 43 mm, respectively, to suit different wrist sizes. Both watches feature a blue dial with a coloured equalizer transfer pattern for a brilliant contrast. The dial is embellishe with polished white gold AP at 12 o’clock, and the 18K white gold hour markers. And hands are covere with a fluorescent coating, which can clearly read even in the dim environment of the concert hall. best fake watches

The 37mm model follows the aesthetics of the Royal Oak Offshore chronograph of the same size. While incorporating the wide chamfered bevel and curved crystal design of the 43mm model. There is no date display window on the dial, leaving all the space for the color equalizer pattern. The watch is equippe with a self-replaceable blue mosaic-effect rubber strap that matches the tone of the dial. For the first time, the 37mm model is equipped with Audemars Piguet’s self-replacement strap system introduced in the Royal Oak Offshore in 2021. Three additional mosaic-effect rubber straps are include in teal, yellow and green.

The 43mm model is in the same vein as the 2021 model. The accordingly watch is paire with a self-replaceable blue rubber strap that matches the color of the dial. Three rubber straps in turquoise, yellow and green are include in the box.

Both watches feature a titanium sapphire crystal caseback engraved with the words “Limited Edition of 500 Pieces”, offering a unique view of the self-winding movement that powers the watch.

The harmonious beauty of gemstone setting

The accordingly new Royal Oak Offshore Self-winding Music Special Edition also includes. Two white gold models with a diameter of 37 and 43 mm. And the dial and bezel are set with harmoniously cut colore gemstones. Both watches feature a blue aventurine dial with an equalizer pattern like the titanium models, and 10 different coloured frets made. Up of a variety of hidden gemstones: ruby, peridot, tsavorite. And green, blue and orange sapphires. The bezels of both watches are decorate with similarly colore gemstones (rubies, tsavorites and yellow, orange, green and blue sapphires) in harmony with the dial tone.

The “Harmonious”* cutting process brings the delicate gems to life. The faceted cut angles of each gemstone are carefully though out to achieve the best light refraction. While ensuring the precise size (diameter of the gemstones on the dial) 0.65mm). To preserve the richness of the gemstones as much as possible.

This process also hides the hidden gemstone setting on the dial, adding a slimmer aesthetic (the thickness of the dial gemstones does not exceed 0.85mm). In order to Echoing the changing effect of light. And shadow on the dial, the gemstones on the bezel also cut in a “harmonious” style. Which is the first time in the industry to use this cutting process for large-sized gemstones.

The 37mm model set with a total of 166 gems, weighing a total of about 3.7 carats; the 43mm model is embellishe with 230 gems, weighing a total of about 6.15 carats. Like the titanium models, both watches feature a polished AP lettering at 12 o’clock, with 18K white gold indexes and hands. The watch is equippe with a self-replaceable blue strap, of which the 37mm model. Has a mosaic-effect pattern on the strap and three rubber straps in turquoise, yellow and green.

*The naming of the “Harmony” cutting process is intende to highlight the harmony of colors, and also echo the harmonious beauty of music represented by the equalizer.

Black ceramic meets bright colors

The new Music Special Edition also includes a black ceramic version with a diameter of 43 mm. The overall black aesthetic of the watch is complemente by titanium details: the strap fixing links that resemble audio plugs, the crown guards inspired by the mixer faders, and the strap pin buckles all made of titanium.

In stark contrast to the calm appearance of the watch, the Tapisserie check dial is printe with an equalizer pattern compose of 10 different colors, which is eye-catching and gives the watch a more distinctive modern feel.

Through the titanium sapphire crystal case back, you can see the hand-finished details of the movement and the engraved “Limited Edition of 250 Pieces (limited to 250 pieces)” words. This accordingly contrasting, contemporary watch comes with a self-replaceable black rubber strap that matches the tone of the case. With three rubber straps in turquoise, yellow and green, the wearer can match it with different styles.

Launch of two new self-winding movements

Audemars Piguet fake is equippe with two self-winding movements for different models of the Royal Oak Offshore Automatic Music Special Edition watch, with hours, minutes and seconds display, but no date display. This design makes the colorful pattern on the dial a visual focal point.

The two 37mm models are powere by the new Calibre 5909 movement. This is the first time that a watch of this size features a self-winding movement with hours, minutes and seconds. The accordingly Calibre 5909 is based on the Calibre 5900, which first debuted in the Royal Oak 37mm in 2022 to replace the Calibre 3120.

Compared with the previous generation, the new movement is lighter (thickness has been reduced from 4.26 mm to 3.9 mm), the accordingly frequency of the balance wheel is increased (from 3 Hz to 4 Hz), and the power reserve reaches 60 hours.

The 43mm model is powered by the Calibre 4309 movement. This is the latest self-winding movement developed by Audemars Piguet for this size watch with hours, minutes and seconds display. The large diameter design of the movement gives the watch outstanding timing accuracy, and it can also guarantee a power reserve of at least 70 hours when it is not worn.

All models feature sapphire crystal casebacks that offer a view of the finest Haute Horlogerie finishes, including Côtes de Genève, satin-finished, pearl-dotted, brushed and polished chamfers, as well as 22K with black NAC coating Exclusive oscillating weight in rose gold.

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