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Basics of C programming

Basics of C programing

What is C Programming Langauge?

C is a popular programming language for general purposes that is simple and easy to learn. 

According to some, ‘C’ is the programming language of God. C can be described as a foundation for programming. You can quickly grasp the concepts of other programming languages that use ‘C’ if you are familiar with ‘C.


Because the C programming language requires knowledge of computer memory mechanisms, it is important to have some background. Learn all about c programming for beginners, from top experts for free


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This tutorial will teach you the basics of C programming.

What is C Programming Langauge 

C language history

C Basic Commands

Where can you use C? Principal Applications

Why should you learn C Language?

How does the C programming language work?

C language history

Algol is the base of programming languages. The large use of ‘ALGOL was in Europe. This stands for Basic Combined Programming Language. Martin Richards created the best ways to learn the best c programming course, for free land-developed BCPL, specifically for writing system software. This was the age of programming languages. After three years, Ken Thompson introduced a new programming language called B’ in 1970. It contained many features from BCPL. This programming language was created with the UNIX operating system at AT&T Bell Laboratories. Both ‘BCPL and ‘B were system programming languages. Basics of C programing


A great computer scientist Dennis Ritchie developed a new programming language, called “C”, at the Bell Laboratories in 1972. It was created using ‘ALGOL, ‘BCPL, and ‘B” programming languages. The ‘C’ programming languages contain all of the features and many additional concepts that make them unique.


UNIX is strongly associated with ‘C’, a powerful programming language. C runs on a wide range of operating systems and hardware platforms today. Many versions of the language were created as it evolved. It was sometimes difficult for developers to keep up with the latest version, as older versions of the systems made it difficult. In 1989, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), established a commercial standard for ‘C.’ Language to ensure that it will continue to be standard. It was later approved by the International Standards Organization in 1990. ANSI C is another name for the ‘C’ programming language.


C’s History

C++/Java languages are derived from ‘C”. These languages are used widely in a variety of technologies. Which is why ‘C” forms the base of many languages currently in use.


Where can you use C? Principal Applications

 to develop system applications.

 used extensively for the development of desktop applications.

Adobe uses a lot of ‘C’ programming languages to develop its applications.

used to develop browsers and extensions. Google’s Chromium uses the ‘C’ programming language.

 used for developing databases. 

 used to develop an operating system.

Why should you learn C Language?

Learning ‘C’ will be an essential part of learning other programming languages. A ‘C” developer can find many job opportunities in today’s market.


C is a structured programming language that breaks down programs into different modules. This structure is ideal for debugging, testing, and maintenance. Basics of C programing


C contains 32 keywords, different data types, and several powerful built-in functions which make programming extremely efficient.


 A-C program can contain many functions that are part of a larger library. You can add your functions and features to the library. This feature simplifies complex programming while making it easy to use.


There are many compilers available on the market that can execute programs written in this language.


It’s a portable language, which means that programs written in the ‘C’ language are compatible with other machines. This is essential if you want to execute or use the code on another machine.


What is the C Programming Language?

C is a compiled programming language. This diagram illustrates the execution of a C program.


Online compilers are readily available. You can use any compiler. There will be no differences in functionality and most compilers will support both C++ and C++ programs. Basics of C programing


Here is a list of the most popular compilers online:


Clang compiler

MinGW compiler (Minimalist GNU For Windows)

Portable compiler for ‘C’

Turbo C


Dennis Ritchie developed the ‘C’ symbol in 1972.

a strong language.

 a low-level programming language that is close to machine language.

used extensively in software development.

It is both a structure-oriented and procedure-oriented language.

supports all operating systems and hardware platforms.

There are many compilers available to execute programs written in C.

A compiler compiles the source files and generates an object.

Linker connects all object files to create one executable file.

It’s extremely portable.


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