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Best Family-Friendly Destinations in Charleston

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Family-Friendly Destinations in Charleston

Get yourself lost in the incredible historic district of Charleston, South Carolina, or find a way out of your home to explore this beautiful city with your loved ones. This city in South Carolina will impress you with its Centuries-old mansions, Spanish moss-draped trees, blissful gardens, and cobblestone walks. Offering a variety of opportunities to discover, love and feel, Charleston is here, what more do you need to bless this visit?

Charleston has plenty of things to offer. Whether you are looking to take a deep dip in a rich coastal culture, splash in the waves while enjoying the adrenaline-rushing marine activities or find your bliss in a spa oasis, the city won’t be a disappointment for sure!

You just need to make up your mind for an exciting getaway and start packing your bags for Charleston. If you are ready, then book JetBlue Airlines flight tickets for your family from the official website and get amazing vacation packages from the airline. JetBlue Airways would be the best choice for this vacation.

Best Family-Friendly Destinations in Charleston:

Charleston Battery

How about having a cherishing stroll along with the calmness of the Charleston Battery? No trip would be completed without this spot. Visitors, especially families with kids and Couples, love to take pictures of this scenic promenade.

The battery features Charleston’s grandest historic homes, displays of Civil War artillery, with spectacular White Point Gardens. Spend some of your beautiful moments in Rainbow Row where you’ll find Southern-style mansions overlooking Charleston Harbor. It was previously the heart and soul of the city’s maritime activity. So, guys, it’s not the time to waste… Hurry up!!!

South Carolina Aquarium

Assuring thrilled experiences at the South Carolina Aquarium. Take your kids to meet a family from the marine kingdom in Charleston. The aquarium features more than ten thousand plants and animals like horseshoe crabs, sharks, sea urchins, ocean fish, and many others.

Visitors can enjoy daily interactive shows, learn through educational exhibitions, and feel hermit crabs and Atlantic stingrays at touch tanks. You can have hands-on experience with the various marine animals and learn fascinating details about the natural world through daily live shows and thrilling animal encounters. The choice is yours, folks!!!

Charleston City Market

Snatch a glimpse of the city’s culture and history through the Charleston City Market. This visit will add topping to your trip to South Carolina. A paradise for collectors, Charleston City Market is famous for stalls of local artwork, woven baskets, antebellum apparel, jewelry, etc.

Visitors can collect souvenirs for their loved ones or put them on their home display walls. You can find some noticeable African American influence in the city market through different food and product vendors. Planning to visit Charleston this vacation? Just make JetBlue Airlines flight tickets at affordable prices, which is open for customers 24*7.

Historic Charleston District

Sometimes our entire family wants to get familiar with the city where they are visiting, right? Just ask your family for an amazing trip to the historic district of Charleston!!! Make a plan to learn about Charleston’s chaotic civil war history, which reflects through its historic homes, Waterfront Park, Rainbow Row, and the Battery.

Visitors can take two-hour historic tours to visit the Georgian-inspired Heyward-Washington House on Church Street or take a look at the 18th-century Aiken-Rhett House Museum on Elizabeth Street. You can also choose from a walking tour option, where you can learn about the city’s paranormal presence including pirates and art. Don’t forget to explore the city’s downtown district.

Charleston Museum

A visit to America’s first-ever museum is worth the Charleston trip! Founded in 1773 under the Charleston Library Society, The Charleston Museum features an amazing collection of permanent exhibits. Start your museum tour with Native Americans and early settlers in the Lowcountry History Hall and go through a gallery boasting rare slave badges and early tools used in rice growing.

You can also learn about early weaponry, life during the revolution, and the local citizen’s role in the Civil War. Don’t slip out on the 19th-century quirky collections and the Greek and Roman antiquities. You can book a Multicity JetBlue flight ticket to Charleston from the official website and save maximum on your trip.

Fort Sumter National Monument

It was on April 12, 1861, at Fort Sumter, when the Confederate Forces attacked the federal fort in Charleston Harbor that led to the American Civil War. Just 4 years after the attack, the American flag was once again raised over the remains of Fort Sumter.

You can explore the thick stone caverns where you’ll find several Civil War-era cannons. Also, get deep insights into the fort’s role in the war. Officially declared the symbol of the National Monument, Fort Sumter is a must-see for kids, families, couples, and history buffs. Take a ferry from the Liberty Square Visitor Education Center and from Patriot’s Point to the monument any time.

Joe Riley Waterfront Park

Spanning more than 10 acres alongside the Cooper River, the historic Joe Riley Waterfront Park is waiting for you eagerly. This park is blessed with charms including seasonal flower gardens, a wonderful central fountain, and spell-bound natural views. Sit on an Old-fashioned park bench and catch your favorite catch. Your kids will definitely get a beautiful impression on this journey.

Scenic vistas of the Charleston Harbor and Cooper River are ready to take over your heart. Plus, you can set up a picnic with your kids in the shade of a park gazebo. You should make your plans now and boost their morale. You can make JetBlue Airlines flight tickets to Charleston without any hassle. The customer service support of the airline is open 24*7 for your service. For More info Visit Jet Blue Official Website.

H.L. Hunley Submarine

Tour yourself to a historic submarine base to see the world’s first successful combat submarine – H.L. Hunley! It was originally built in 1863 for the Confederate Army but got lost suddenly in 1864 under mysterious circumstances until 1995 when it was found off Sullivan Island’s coast.

The Hunley and the crew’s remains were brought to the surface in 2000 and underwent a thorough restoration at the former Charleston Naval Base. The facility offers visiting tours which include a thrilling submarine tour that is well worth your time. Spend some memorable moments with self-guided tours doing fascinating activities with your wife and kids.

Magnolia Plantation & Gardens

Do you find peace when seeing some colorful plantation? If yes, then you should take yourself to Magnolia Plantation & Gardens. It is a brilliant place to admire the enchanting beauty of the plantation’s extensive gardens. Being America’s oldest publicly accessed gardens, these were opened for visitors in 1870.

Wear a helmet and bike one of the many routes, look for local birds at the waterfowl refuge, or get lost in the horticultural maze. You can also observe gators, herons, and turtles in the Audubon Swamp Garden. A guided tour to the country’s last large-scale Romantic-style garden where nature is shaped by formal beds, alleys, trails, and landscaping opportunities.

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