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Bring Out Your Summer Glow with Hydrating Toner and These Skincare Tips

Hydrating Toner

Spending time in the summer sun is a delicate balance. Everybody likes a natural sun-kissed glow in the summer, but spend too much time in the sun, and you’ll know it when you’re reaching for aloe vera to provide some relief. So, what can you do to find balance? Keep your skin protected from damaging UV rays while still achieving glowing skin with the right practices and products. From hydrating toner to SPF moisturizer, here’s how you can enhance your summer glow.

When Your Skin Is Hydrated, It Glows!

No matter the time of year or how intense the sun is, there’s one surefire way to get your glow up: Hydration! Keeping your skin hydrated helps it look dewy and glowing. This is where a premium hydrating toner comes in. While there are many hydrating products out there, a hydrating toner is a great way to infuse your skin with moisture in seconds.

Applying a hydrating toner before you spend time in the sun can also have its benefits. The sun and summer air can steal precious moisture from your skin, leaving it looking dry and tired at the end of the day. Infusing your skin with hydration beforehand helps strike more of a balance. The trick to maintaining hydrated, glowy skin, however, is locking in that moisture.

Pair Your Hydrating Toner with an SPF Moisturizer

Using a hydrating toner is great, but it’s only part of the bigger picture. When you hydrate your skin, it’s essential to lock in the hydration with a moisturizer. But when you’re focused on enhancing your glow, you don’t just want any moisturizer. It’s time for a moisturizer with SPF!

A moisturizer with SPF is a versatile skincare product. It locks in precious moisture, helping keep your skin hydrated and looking great. And it also forms a barrier against the sun’s rays. Like all SPF products, it does have a time limit, so you’ll need to reapply as directed. The good news is that as you reapply your SPF moisturizer throughout the day, you continue to lock in moisture. You don’t have to worry about losing your glowy skin to the bright sun!

Finding Your Balance in the Sun

Skincare is about more than the products you use every morning and night. It’s more than the hydrating toner or SPF moisturizer. It’s also about the time you spend in the sun and how you spend time in the sun. In addition to using these kinds of skincare products, take care to monitor the time you spend in the sun. Set a timer on your phone for about 20 minutes and take regular breaks away from both direct and indirect sunlight.

What you wear can also help you strike a balance. Long, flowy outer shirts can help create an effective barrier. So can wide-brimmed hats—it’s the perfect beach look! You can alternate between wearing your summer classics, like shorts and a tank, with long sleeves and wide-brimmed hats. And you can do it with your hydrating toner and SPF moisturizer in your summer bag. All of these elements come together to help you protect and hydrate your skin so you can build and maintain a summer glow that can last all season long. And then some.

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