Did the divorces increase after the Covid-19 pandemic?

For the first half of 2020, the number of divorces lawyer decreased by almost 35% compared to the same period in 2019. Monthly statistics show that the fall was due to the self-isolation routine.

Several months of 2020, spent locked up under quarantine restrictions․ Radically affected the number of divorces and partings in the world. Millions of people have been unable to cope with the daily routine, mutual irritation, and life together 24/7.

It is believed that difficulties often bind family unions. However, according to a representative survey conducted by the Civey Sociological Institute. Many couples during the pandemic, lockdowns, and social isolation do not survive these tests and decide to part ways.

At the same time according to psychologists, tension has grown during the quarantine: new conditions give rise to new requirements in a couple. And changes are always associated with conflicts. Modern families tend to delay solving problems until the end until life together becomes unbearable. And in the conditions of the self-isolation regime. The problems that were not on the face were revealed, people were locked in the apartment. We just had to solve them. Those who managed to reach unanimity strengthened the relationship, and those who did not agree – came to the decision to divorce.

Some may have confused the feelings of discomfort that had accumulated during the period of self-isolation for other reasons with dissatisfaction with the relationship with a partner. For instance, even before isolation, the wife was engaged in children to a greater extent. And the husband earned money, spent the night at home, spent evenings and weekends. In isolation, everyone is at home, the wife takes care of the children, they have to cook more, and the husband does not help. At some point, the wife will feel growing irritation and fatigue. It is good if the spouses sit down to talk and redistribute responsibilities based on the new conditions. And if not, the wife will accuse her husband of selfishness and file for divorce as soon as possible.

The inability to build a constructive dialogue, correctly express their feelings, and define personal boundaries, according to psychologists, can become a fatal difficulty for couples.

When evaluating statistics, it is also worth considering whether there were children in the family. If you have children, it is more difficult to get a divorce. Probably, some people, having lived in proximity, realized that they have different values ​​and they move along different vectors – they like different things.

Increased irritability also affected, unpleasant features became more acute: what irritated the partner earlier became even more irritating – the effect intensified.

However, The statistics on the number of divorces will eventually level out and reach the average level, there is no real increase in the number of divorces.

People rarely get divorced on impulse: this decision matures for months and years. The loss of a job by someone cannot be the reason for divorce unless there are more compelling reasons.

The increase in the number of those wishing to divorce has not yet affected the work of the courts, because, according to the law, they accept applications only after the couples have lived separately for one year and have not run a joint household.

The number of requests to represent the interests of parties in divorce proceedings increased during the second lockdown at the end of last year and continues to grow to this day.

Every Divorce lawyer said that forced social isolation added fuel to the fire in the already problematic relationship.  Between some spouses thought about divorce even before the pandemic. In the last year, more worries and troubles have fallen on the shoulders of many married couples than before.

Often, men, citing the fact that they were overloaded with remote work. Left women alone with the problems of parenting and teaching children during the transition of schools to distance learning. At the same time, women themselves often combined all this with their own work in a home office, not to mention housekeeping.

Spouses more often quarreled, sorted out relations, and even became victims of domestic violence, both women and men. Many during the pandemic abused alcohol, finding themselves temporarily out of work or losing it altogether. These and other factors prompted people to decide to leave. Less often than before the pandemic, applicants cite adultery or adultery as the reason for divorce.

Divorce Lawyers believe that the situation was complicated by the fact that during the pandemic it became even more difficult for couples than before to find psychotherapeutic help. It is worth noting that during the pandemic, according to the health insurance funds, the number of requests for consultations from psychotherapists increased sharply. Specialists cannot cover all patients. Thus, many who could not find such professional support chose the path to law firms.

Other problems are that during a pandemic they are not easy for couples in a family crisis to go to different apartments in order to live one year apart from each other. They are required by family law for a formal decision on divorce.  However, this problem can be solved if the joint apartment is temporarily transformed. Into communal housing with isolated management of the economy and bank accounts. In such cases, the court recognizes the living conditions as separate.

At the same time, the lawyer believes that for married couples who cannot part ways during a pandemic. Such living conditions provide an additional chance to make peace and, possibly, improve relationships. At the same time, the law stipulates that we are talking about disagreements in the family. Which excludes scandals and domestic violence. Otherwise, it is better to disperse to different apartments and communicate with the help of lawyers.

There are two types of couples. For some couples, social isolation and home office work have created the conditions for dealing with divorce proceedings. Previously, because of long commutes to work and a lack of free time. People did not get their hands on solving these problems. And they simply put up with the situation and continued to live parallel lives. Others according to the divorce lawyers. Were pushed to such a decision by difficulty. Conditions in isolation from the outside world and confinement in four walls. For instance, they say that they suddenly saw their husband or wife with different eyes. He was unable to overcome difficulties and live in harmony, despite the new circumstances.

But there are some sources that said that during the quarantine, most likely. The same number of couples decided to divorce as canceled the earlier decision to divorce.

If you are having trouble getting through a divorce on your own, ask loved ones to support you. Of course, you can give in to a strong urge to cry. But do not get discouraged. For instance, talk to your baby if you have one, or if you are going to have one. Tell him how good it will be when he is born. Talk and contact your psychologist, talks with a psychologist will definitely help you. Talk to your lawyer or to the family member, who will support you and you yourself will not notice. How easily and gently you will go through this difficult time.

Thanks to the reader for taking the time to read the article.

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