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Eight Tools That Can Help Ebook and Book Writers in 2022

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Do you know you can use several tools nowadays to help you with so many writing-related things? That’s what we will talk to you about in this blog post. We will discuss 8 tools, their usage, and how they can be helpful to you in writing books and ebooks. Tools are not very important for writers, but they could be pretty helpful if we utilize them because we have them now. The world-famous books we read today were written centuries back, and there were no writing tools or even computers available at that time. Yet they wrote those books, and people still read them today.

Writing Tools Arrival

Now we have things easier in many ways compared to old times. Writing tools are one of the things that make our writing process easier. Below we will talk about eight writing tools that will help book and ebook writers in 2022. However, if you need any assistance and help regarding your book or have queries in mind, you can reach out to book writing experts.

List of 8 Writing Tools and Their Usage


1. Google Docs


Use of the tool: Writing Documents

Google docs are the best writing tool for writing blog articles, books, or ebooks. We can adjust later the format, but your writing process is very smooth and easy in Google Docs. There are other good applications available to write documents as well. But Google Docs has a very good function in it which is auto-saving. You don’t lose your data as Google Docs saves whatever you write in real-time. Power failure, computer hangs, etc., won’t affect whatever you write on Google docs.

Moreover, you don’t need to install Google Docs on your computer to use it. It’s an online, user-friendly, and super fast writing pad. It has numerous format options available that other good writing applications have. And you don’t have to pay a penny to use Google Docs. It’s completely free.

2. Grammarly




Use of the tool: Correcting Grammar

Grammarly provides you an upper hand when writing since you don’t have to go manually through your text and find out the grammatical errors. Grammarly does that for you in real-time when you write. If you have installed the Grammarly extension on your browser, it will highlight for you the grammatical errors and typos and suggest sentence rephrases as well. However, you have to go to the Grammarly writing pad page in order to go in depth by correcting the errors in your document. Non-native English writers use this tool a lot. However, native English writers use it too.

It is a paid tool, but you can also use its free version. It lets you correct basic grammatical errors, and if you want to correct more errors, you have to buy its premium subscription.

3. Hemingway



Use of the tool: Readability Analysis

Is Good Readability Important in Books and Ebooks too?

First, we should understand whether good readability matters in book writing. It is something we consider when writing blog posts because we write them for a mass audience and easy readability is good for better seo. Readability can be important everywhere. However, it depends on the target audience as well. Who are you writing a book/ebook for? Is it a scholarly-level book? Or is it a quick-guide ebook on a certain topic that doesn’t require you to use complex words and language? When you write a book, you need to consider these things and look at its readability.

About Tool

Hemingway is another simple tool to highlight readability. You don’t have to sign up, log in or do anything. Just visit the Hemingway editor, paste the text there, and you got it. Moreover, it’s completely free to use online. If you want to install its software on your computer for offline use, you can pay $19.99.


4. SEO Surfer

Use of the tool: Ideas Generator for books and ebooks

This is one of the best tools we have for writing. Bloggers use it since it’s about search engine optimisation (seo). However, we can use it when writing books and ebooks. We can generate ideas to talk about in our book with the help of this tool. It has an AI Outline Generator that suggests headings and even paragraphs to talk on. And you can do this free without even paying for the SEO Surfer premium subscription.


However, the SEO Surfer tool is worth buying. It’s not important for book and ebook writers to buy a plan, since the AI generator works in the free version as well.

5. Scalenut



Use of the tool: AI Writing Tool

This is another AI writing tool. This tool is specifically used for copywriting purposes. However, just like Surfer SEO, you can use it in your book writing process as well. We’ll tell you how. You can generate text using this application. It allows you to write 2000 words per month in its free version. You can get ideas for your book content through the text you would generate using Scalenut.

Moreover, similar to Surfer SEO, it’s not important for you to purchase the premium membership of Scalenut, as book writers don’t need more of it. You can use this tool at times when you want to get ideas or things to talk about in your ebook.

6. Readable


Use of the tool: Readability Improver

We discussed a readability tool earlier in this post. It was Hemingway’s editor. That tool is pretty helpful as it highlights the text that you can edit to get better readability. However, if you want the software to improve your text’s readability, Readable is the best option. It is a super user-friendly tool that is made for readability improvement, and thus it provides you with in-depth detail about readability and also improves it for you.


It is a very affordable application. The starter package costs you $4 per month. It also has a free version which you can use 1-2 times online at one time. However, it won’t correct mistakes for you in the free mode.

7. Adobe Express



Use of the tool: Book Cover Design

We’ve discussed tools related to writing. Now we’ll talk about other tools that deal with things that are also important for ebooks and books. We’re talking about book covers here. Good cover design is essential whether you’re writing a book or an ebook. Especially nowadays when there are a lot of other books being written daily. To stand out in the saturation, you have to make the outlook of your book good as you write the book/ebook to sell it. Adobe Express is a software where you can design your book cover for free. There are other free online websites too where you can design book and ebook covers.

When you cannot design a book cover

Know that your cover design needs to look attractive and also readable. Whatever text is written over, it should be clear. We suggest hiring an expert book cover designer if you are not able to design a better book cover.


8. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)



Use of the tool: Book Publishing

So, the last thing to put your book before sale publishing. Amazon Kindle is the most accessible way to publish your book. It’s mainly for ebook publishing; however, you can also publish paperback versions as well. It only takes you 24 hours to publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle.

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