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Every Thing You Need To Know About Fuel Injector System

A fuel Injector plays a very significant role in the working of a car. It is responsible for delivering the fuel into the engine cylinder properly while precisely controlling the injection timing and fuel automation. It can create a lot of problems for the car if does not work properly. It creates a direct impact on the performance of the car. The Number of Fuel Injectors in the Car could vary; It depends on the number of cylinders in the car. The ratio between the two is 1:1(one Injector per cylinder).

Earlier before the Injector System, Vehicles uses Standard Gasoline Engines for the same work that the injector system does, but the gasoline engines were not good for the environment. The Injector System has replaced them.

There are many reasons why a fuel injector system gets into a Problem

1. Clogging of Fuel Injector

When we say a Fuel Injector is clogged then it means that the engine is not receiving the fuel in the required amount; either the engine is receiving less amount of fuel or an extra amount of fuel which is harmful to the car and it disrupts the economy of the car fuel. It is due to rust forming on the injectors and this happens because it is not serviced for a long time.

2. Unclean fuel Injector

Friction is a factor that becomes a hurdle in the working of the component. It is due to the Continuous working of the injectors. Experts prevent the situation by spraying fuel additives, so that there will be no effect on the injectors. So If these Fuel Additives aren’t sprayed on the fuel injectors then there will be a residue left behind, which results in a Dirty Fuel Injector.

3. Misfiring Of Engine

Due to a lack of fuel in the engine, there can be a situation of engine misfiring and this lack of fuel for the engine can be due to the problem in the fuel injector.

4. Leaking Externally and Internally

Due to the failure of the O ring there, the fuel rail meets the injector and sometimes it gets hot. If the O-ring breaks then there will be a leakage in the injector.

These are some of the Common Problems which can happen with the Fuel Injector.

Now let us see some Solutions through which we can avoid these issues.

A fuel Injector needs very little care, it only requires a little drop of regular and timely maintenance. If you find some of the above-stated issues, then they should be resolved immediately.

They are very small and complex components in a car, many cleaning specialists suggest replacing the old injector with the new one if they are clogged or broken but if there is little dirt or residue then injector cleaner can be used to get dirt, which will enhance the graph of working of the component.

Dirt and Debris create a huge impact on the working of the injectors, if you want to avoid the degraded performance of the injectors then there is no second option other than getting it inspected by a Car Mechanic Specialist.


A fuel Injector is a car component that can create a huge difference; whether it is good or bad. The reason that makes the injectors more important is that it is directly connected and functions continuously with the heart of the car i.e. ENGINE. The fuel economy of the car is also directly dependent on the injector.

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