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Get Email And Cell Phone Leads From LinkedIn Recruiter

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LinkedIn Recruiter Profile Scraper

How Can I Get Email & Cell Phone Leads From LinkedIn Recruiter?

Do you want to extract and download emails from LinkedIn Recruiter to your Laptop/PC in CSV or Excel format? The solution for all this is the use of the LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor developed by Ahmad Software Technologies.

According to a survey on Google, there are more than 55 million businesses that use LinkedIn on a daily basis. LinkedIn is most often used by companies that generate 1M-10M dollars in revenue and have 10-50 employees. So, LinkedIn is one of the best sources to collect b2b and b2c lead data for marketing.

Created with the latest technology you can create your own email address list and phone number list from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter in minutes without coding and getting blocked. You can search for emails by any category, such as restaurants, freelancers, digital marketing, hotels, hospitals, marketing agencies, and any place, city, province, and even country. You can use zip codes to get more specific and targeted results from LinkedIn. Now you will be able to download valuable data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter including email and phone numbers and be productive like never before.

The Best Email Scraper For LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn is not only a great platform for marketing purposes but also a recruiting website, which (according to various estimates) today has 800 million users around the world.

Extracting emails from LinkedIn Recruiter is not an easy task. LinkedIn Recruiter Scrapper is one of the best tools all over the world to extract data from LinkedIn Recruiter. With LinkedIn Email Scraper you can quickly and easily extract email addresses from LinkedIn Recruiter profiles. The search is based on keywords, LinkedIn profile URLs, zip codes, and locations and is fully automatic.

The Features Of LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

Support 200 Countries

LinkedIn Email Grabber can extract emails for any country as it supports all the countries supported by LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter. And you can search for businesses in a specific country and area by country code and area code also. Specify locations and keywords in the LinkedIn Data Scraper software – the result will always be great.

Fully Automatic

LinkedIn Contact Extractor finds the results from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter for given location and keywords automatically and you don’t need to perform any manual work.

Search By Keywords

Unlike other LinkedIn Scraping Tools, you can add multiple keywords and LinkedIn profile URLs at once and you can scrape data from thousands of LinkedIn Recruiter profiles in a day.

User-Friendly Interface

LinkedIn Recruiter Crawler is an easy-to-use and coding-free tool. Everyone can use it easily to find emails, phone numbers, and other contact details from LinkedIn Recruiter.

Support Excel & CSV Formats

The data extracted from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter can be saved as CSV, Text, or Excel files on your computer/laptop.

All-In-One Tool

LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor not only extracts emails from LinkedIn Recruiter but also extracts phone numbers, skills, experience, social media links, website links, user names, descriptions, and other contact information.


LinkedIn Phone Number Extractor is an ideal tool for freelancers, marketers, recruiters, HR managers, big firms, and business owners. LinkedIn Lead Generation software does not support data scraping from any other social media site except LinkedIn.

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