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Guide to wearing a wooden bag

wooden bag

Despite the fact that fabrics and leather have always been the usual material for the manufacture of women’s handbags, modern designers cannot be stopped by such conventions: no one is surprised even by wooden bags and glass manicure. However, the price of such trinkets can upset even seasoned fashionistas, so buying fabric or knitted bags with wooden handles are a very real and quite fashionable option. We will talk about it in the article.

Wood in the design of bags.

All wood handbags made of precious rocks are undoubtedly the “last peep” and a real luxury style, but such products are bought to order in the best boutiques and fashion shows. We want to talk about less “cool” options and show how you can make a beautiful and fashionable thing yourself.

So let’s look at the options:


Important! It should be noted that such an accessory can be not only female, but also male. Accordingly, the stylistic and color solution must be maintained in a suitable form.

Be that as it may, in any case, you will receive a handmade accessory that your girlfriend or rival will definitely not meet at a reception or party, and this, you see, is not enough.

Courses of cutting and sewing, knitting and other needlework are not the topic of our site, and any woman understands this topic much more than our masters in processing wood and making products from it. Therefore, we will focus on modeling the shape of the product and working with wood, and we will leave the selection of fabrics and their cutting to our readers.

Important! Choose wood that is easy to process, as it will be difficult to cope with oak or tropical species of special strength without special tools and skills.

Options for the manufacture of handles and side inserts.

Walnut is one of the most beautiful, easy to process and dye species. Since we need very little of it, the cost of the workpiece can be considered insignificant.

Arched handles look beautiful, at the lower ends of which holes are cut for attaching a fabric base or fastener straps.

To make them, you will need a jigsaw, a drill and polishing nozzles. You will also need wood stain or varnish.

Having bought blanks of the appropriate size in any woodworking workshop or building market, you will only have to draw the contours of future arches on them and cut the products of the desired shape along the lines. Next, drill the bottom holes, round all the corners and polish all the edges.



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