How is SharePoint among the best document management platforms?

Why do you require a Document Management System in business? Are you suffering to keep the data organized? How is a scan to SharePoint making a difference?

There is no escape in business, and you have to secure the data and organize it for easy accessibility. The future of documentation is moving toward the digital world. Most business owners have invested in SharePoint due to its unique features and functionalities. 

What is a SharePoint Document Management System?

It is software that will control and track the life cycle of documents from their upload to their deactivation. A user can create a document that can be stored and tracked through different versions that store every document change. 

The structure of the documents includes:

  • Document Libraries: You can have a wide range of document libraries and divide them per your requirements. You might decide on multiple document libraries for every department or separate for the client. 
  • Folders: Inside the document library, you can have folders to keep separate files. You can have a document library for a certain department and folders inside for primary functions or services. 
  • Files: Every folder must have files that should be relevant to the document library. 

What is the life cycle of the document?

1. Planning

In this place, the users plan the data that must be added to the document. The method in which the document should be structured and the required information should be gathered. 

2. Creating

A draft version of the file is created and numbered. The author will decide by reviewing the documents. 

3. Reviews 

The draft or first version of the file is passed to the reviewer. They will completely review the file and suggest changes. 

4. Modifications  

Once the user edit, the author or editor agrees with the changes and works on the files to make the right modifications. 

5. Approval 

The document must be approved by the expert who will authorize it to sign it off. 

What are the prerequisites to create a SharePoint Document Management system?

Before you dive into the system, it is important to have the requirements:

  • Define the type of documents you will scan to SharePoint online. This helps set the template for every kind of file ready for use.  
  • Unlike your traditional methods to set up the folders and subfolders, which occupy immense memory and still could not be organized. While SharePoint uses Metadata to make everything systematic and accessible. 
  • It is crucial to focus on the content types in the Document Management System. Users can easily categorize the documents based on their type. 
  • Decide the accessibility for the users to keep the documents secure and provide access to selected users. You can decide for users like creating, reviewing, approving, and deleting records. 
  • SharePoint also has a SharePoint scan app with unique policies for documents to ensure it meets the legal requirements and guidelines

How to effectively manage documents in SharePoint?

If you plan to increase the efficiency of the business while implementing the design and collaboration, it is important to understand the software’s features. Let us give you top tips to increase management efficiency:

SharePoint Document Management 

  • SharePoint Online: Managing documents in SharePoint gives you control of the creation, distribution, and review. Documents can be kept on various SharePoint sites and assigned permissions to specific users. It also protects the document from unauthorized users and ensures consistency in business workflows. 
  • Office 365: OneDrive and SharePoint for Business services in the cloud, providing users the full document management package. Regular updates ensure you have access to new features and functionalities regularly. 
  • OneDrive: This tool can help users store documents in cloud services. It is private to every user and syncs documents directly from your document. The software allows users to create, share, save, and manage documents effortlessly. 

Wider Digital Workplace 

Many organizations are going through digital transformation, user experience, and mobility using various tools. It is important to integrate your document management platform into the digital workplace. It is important to understand the nature of the technology to use it in the best way.  

Content Classification 

Once you have a clear idea about the usage and management of the documents, it is important to classify the documents and their relationships. Before you implement a new system, it helps in keeping the documents organized. You might want to group them by dates, projects, clients, content type, etc. 

Investing your time to complete complex and repetitive tasks helps make content migration easier. It will be worth investing some time in keeping things organized. 


OneDrive and SharePoint have amazing and powerful metadata features. You can assign long-form descriptions, reference numbers, dropdown data, and multiple choices. Documents must have appropriate Metadata that has great benefits. This makes identifying the document without opening it and makes a clear path. 

The main aim of the SharePoint scan document is to apply record management in the database. Each file should not have separate properties, which will increase confusion. So, ensure a balance between the description and practicality of usage. 

Focus on User Adoption 

Change management or user adoption is vital while making your system effective. It would be best if you looked at the following sections:

  • Training: Do you require training on the new system? Do you need a visual guide for a new interface? Is your business dealing with classroom sessions?
  • Phase Deployment: Depending on the project size, it is important to test the new system in a department or small team. Also, while sharing the files, it is important to keep the read-only to avoid any misfortune. 
  • Communication: Let the users know about the new system. Share emails, advertising, and posters about the benefits. Assign dates to complete some activities and make space to help people communicate. 

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The Final Attempt!

If you plan to get more out of the scan on SharePoint, focus on the building blocks to bring uniformity and elaborate information structure. Focus on the software to continuously improve the efficiency of your business.

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