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How much time is required to learn Google Ads PPC?

Many people who are interested in learning Google Ads wish to manage their campaigns themselves and maximize their success. Others, on the other hand, are interested in becoming PPC specialists so they may provide advertising services to their own customers.

This and other elements will affect how long it takes you to learn. What you need to learn is among the first things to take into account. This will influence your learning style and the tools and techniques you’ll employ to master Google Ads.

Some advertisers only need a few hours of training to get off to a successful start. The setup instructions and materials offered in Google Ads can then be used to fill in any knowledge gaps.

Others will require a comprehensive course with in-depth training videos and materials or even online-based training. And finishing this will take a few weeks. Given the size of the Google Ads ecosystem, it is recommended to start by concentrating on the campaign types that are the most pertinent to you, such as Search, Shopping, or Display.

You may understand the Google Ads system in a variety of methods, and I’ve provided further details below:

Google Ads Articles of Help

You can use the Google Ads Help portal, which offers a variety of articles for reading. There is a lot of information here, so it can take weeks or months to completely go over everything.


This is one of the free learning opportunities, and it will provide you with plenty of knowledge to support your efforts. However, you ought to think about mixing it with other learning strategies, such as online training. That will hasten your rate of learning.


You can watch some YouTube videos to discover some tricks, tips, and facts that will aid in your understanding of the user interface and effective use of the capabilities. There are many helpful videos to view, and after a few weeks or months of doing so, you will have a solid understanding of the system.

Google Ads Education

As an alternative, you may register for group or one-on-one Google Ads training courses. The key advantage of this is that you can pose inquiries specifically related to your campaigns and objectives. Keep in mind that Google Ads is a highly expansive ad network with numerous campaign types, and you’ll never employ them all. Therefore, you should concentrate on your personal priorities.


Additionally, receiving this training ensures that you will receive the most recent, customized instruction from a highly qualified Google Ads specialist as and when you need it.

Although it’s not the cheapest option, this method of training is one of the most efficient and will help you get up and running quickly.

Learning Google Skill shop

Utilizing the Google Skill shop training site is an additional efficient method of receiving quality instruction. All of the Google Ads campaign types are covered in this extensive tutorial. Additionally, it is free, which is a plus.

Additionally, you’ll need to register for a skill shop account, go through the training, and then pass the exams if you want to become a Google AdWords management  partner and become certified in Google Ads. You will become a Google Partner and receive the badge and vouchers to give to new customers who sign up for your services once you pass the exams and satisfy the other partner conditions.

You may need to spend weeks or months learning through skills hop, and passing the exams each year is required to keep your partner status.


Therefore, as shown above, Google AdWords management there are a number of variables that affect how long it takes to learn and master Google Ads. It will also depend on how quickly you can understand some of the fundamental ideas and features and put them to use. The most crucial step is choosing the most effective learning strategy for you.

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