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How to become a mobile app development ireland?

How to become a mobile app development ireland?

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Marguerite Desforges

Graduated from EM Lyon with a double degree from the Faculty of Law Lyon II.

Under the direction of Pierre Aidan, doctor of law and Harvard graduate.

Your dream is to develop the next Candy Crush? The job of a mobile application app development Ireland is for you. And that’s good because it’s a booming market. Indeed, if the profession of mobile application developer was almost non-existent a few years ago, it is now enjoying exponential popularity. We take together the steps to become a freelance mobile application app development ireland.


What does a mobile app developer do?


How to create a mobile application?

Creating a mobile app development Ireland goes through several key steps:

What are the qualities required to become a mobile app development ireland?

In addition to your passion for IT and code, becoming a mobile application developer requires flexibility and great versatility. Indeed, a mobile application developer is required to work on a very wide variety of media: whether it is the device used (smartphone or tablet) or the operating system (Android, AppStore, Windows).

If mastering a computer language such as C++ or Java is essential, English is certainly not to be neglected. Lots of developers talk and talk speak English as part of their job.

A mobile app development Ireland developer must also be able to work closer to the customer, be able to adapt to their requests and anticipate them.

In a field in perpetual evolution, it is of course necessary to remain on the lookout for the latest novelties and to be able to learn permanently.

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What training to follow to become a mobile application developer?

As with becoming a web developer, getting to create a mobile application often requires having undergone training.

Training to become a mobile application developer can be done within engineering schools, which can be integrated after the Bac or after preparation. At the end of these schools, one can be a graduate of a BTS, a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, a Master’s degree in computer science or a more general engineering diploma.

We are talking here about schools such as 42, INSA or ENS Cachan, to name but a few.

There are also more accessible web schools, which provide more specialized courses focusing on web communication and marketing, web project management, design, mobile software programming and website development.

The profession of mobile application developer being relatively recent, there are few training courses specifically dedicated to it.

Nevertheless, professional training centres offer employees already working in a company additional training: for example, a computer scientist may want to deepen his know-how by learning new computer languages. This training can then be financed by the company thanks to the CPF (personal training account).

Of course, due to the digital profession, there are many videos or online training courses for those who would like to learn on their own.

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What is the working environment of a mobile application developer?

Alone or with others?

The work environment of mobile application development depends first of all on his entourage: it is possible to exercise this profession as a  freelancer or, under the orders of a web project manager, within a web agency, a company specializing in the creation of software.

Halfway between salaried and freelance, a mobile application developer can choose to put himself in wage portage which allows him to work for a company on a specific project but without being the employee directly, like a consultant.

Fortunately for code enthusiasts, this is a profession of the future that all economic players need.

What is the salary of an app developer?

A mobile application developer can expect to receive a salary of between 2,500 and 3,500 gross monthly at the start and up to more than €5,000 after 5 years of experience and beyond.

Obviously, this figure fluctuates depending on your projects, your legal structure and your determination to find clients if you work freelance.

What legal status for a freelance application developer?

A mobile application developer who decides to become a freelancer has the choice between several legal statuses.

He can choose to practice in a Sole Proprietorship (IE):

Or to create a sole proprietorship:

To make a choice, it is important to write a quick mobile application business plan, in order to best estimate your needs and choose the most suitable form for your project. Do not hesitate to use our tool for choosing the legal form:

How to become a mobile application developer?

The mobile application market is booming and attracting young talent. Learn how to become a mobile app developer. 

What is a mobile app developer?

Above all, he is passionate about new technologies. The application developer is a digital technician whose job is to develop and design applications for different mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets, Notebooks.). He can also adapt his designs to new websites or make improvements to already existing applications.

The missions of a mobile application developer

In order to carry out its missions, the mobile application developer follows pre-established specifications. His role is to follow all the procedures indicated, making sure to use specific techniques. He works closely with the web designer and the project manager. This is in order to succeed in the graphic design of the mobile application. All platforms that can host an application can benefit from the services of this digital professional.

The profile of a mobile application developer

The mobile application developer (Android or Apple) must have qualities other than purely dedicated to computer programming. He must also have the following qualities:

What training to follow to become an application developer?

To succeed in the profession, training is necessary. To date, there is no specific application developer training. It is above all a profession of computer developer, therefore via an engineering school-oriented computer development, or a BTS / IUT dedicated to programming.

The diplomas

To become an application developer, you must have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, a Master’s degree in Computer Science, a BTS or a generalized engineering degree. These can be acquired after the baccalaureate or a preparatory course. For employees undergoing professional retraining, additional training provided by vocational training centres and financed by the CPF  is offered.

Web-based learning

It is possible to deepen your knowledge of application development thanks to the various tutorials available online. Video training is also available if you want to learn more about this profession.

What are the steps to exercise the profession of mobile application developer?

To exercise the profession of an application developer, it is necessary to respect certain procedures. The first thing to do is to determine your legal status and your work environment.

Independent developer or employee?

 A freelance mobile application developer can offer his services to different clients. He is free to choose his working hours. Developers under the supervision of a project manager generally work in a web agency or in a computer software creation company.

The legal status

A freelance application developer can practice under the status of auto-entrepreneur or EIRL. He can also create a single-member company such as a EURL or a SASU. In order to make the right choice, we advise you to draw up a business plan to determine your main objectives and your real needs.

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