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How To Change Name On Qatar Airways Ticket

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

If you have changed your name on a document and it does not match the name on your ticket, you can contact the Qatar Airways office and request a name change. However, if you want to add a name to a PNR, you must provide a legal certificate.

There are also circumstances where you can correct the name on your ticket. You can contact the airline office to request a name change. Listed below are the details for Qatar Airways Name Change Policy.

Qatar Airways Name Change Policy

The Qatar Airways name change policy allows travellers to change the name of their reservation if the passenger changes their name on the ticket.

The new name must be listed on the ticket in the same spelling as the one in the reservation. In most cases, you can amend the first and middle names up to three characters in length.

The airline counts the first and last names together, excluding title and space characters. If you’re unsure of what to do, here’s some guidance.

You can correct your name up to three characters in your flight ticket, including the space character and the traveller’s title.

To make a name change on Qatar Airways, you’ll need to submit a marriage certificate, a birth certificate, or other official documentation. Most airlines will process your request within a few days, though you can also contact the airline’s office directly.

In addition, you’ll need to provide your PNR with your new name and legal documents proving your identity. If you’re not sure what to submit, don’t worry – the company has an online form that makes the process even simpler!

The Qatar Airways Name Change Policy provides details on the procedure for changing your name on your ticket. To make the procedure easy, you will need to provide legal documentation and the correct name. Upon completing the process, you will be sent a confirmation email to your registered mail ID.

You will also need to provide the necessary documents to the airline. You can change your name at the airport itself. However, you must remember to bring all relevant documents to be considered for the name change.

Qatar Airways Name Change Rules

The Qatar Airways name change policy is designed to help customers make necessary changes in their name. While this service is available for all travellers, some passengers need to follow the steps to make the necessary changes.

The policy can be found on the airline’s official website. To make your request, enter your last name and booking reference, then click the “change your name” button.

This will show you a confirmation message and provide you with the necessary documentation. If your request is approved, you will receive an email from Qatar Airways.

Name changes on Qatar Airways tickets are generally not allowed on existing PNRs. Instead, you need to cancel the old PNR and make a new reservation based on current availability.

Then, you can contact the nearest office to request the change.

Want to change your surname, you must provide proof of legality, and you might also need to pay a small fee for the service. If you are considering a name change, make sure to get in touch with a customer service representative before your departure to learn more about this important policy.

If you’d like to change your name after booking a ticket, you’ll have to pay $150 for the privilege.

NOTE: Qatar Airways’ name change policy only allows for minor changes to your first and middle names and can’t amend your title. If your name is legal, you can amend it by removing two letters from it.

A legal document will be required to make the change. To avoid any problems, you can contact the airline’s customer service department.

How to Change Name on Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways will allow you to change your name if you want to do so. However, you must have the legal documentation to support your name change.

You can change your name on Qatar Airways if you’ve already made a booking. The airline allows passengers to change their names after booking a ticket.

Once you’ve made your reservation, you can change the name to the airline’s website.

Click on the “manage my booking” option and enter the passenger’s last name and PNR number. From there, you can retrieve your reservation and make the necessary changes.

In most cases, you can change your name online.

However, if you’ve made a mistake, you should contact the airline immediately. There’s a good chance that the airline won’t let you change your name on an existing reservation, and you’ll have to buy a new one. You can also call them up and ask for a waiver. This will save you from paying the full fare again.

If you’ve made a mistake while booking your ticket, you can change your name on Qatar Airways. The airline will refund you the money you spent.

The company will refund your money, but you’ll need to pay the fee again. The fee is around $150 to $250. You can also change the name on your existing reservation if you need to. The cost of the procedure will depend on the length of the name change.

To change your name on your airline reservation, you’ll need to update your PNR. The airline does not allow you to change your name after you’ve already made your reservation.

You can only make necessary corrections in your name after making the booking. You must also submit the marriage certificate if you’ve changed your last name. It’s best to consult a lawyer, and this will help you get a new name on your passport.


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