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How To Customize Your Hoverboard – 5 Best Cheap & Easy DIY Tips

People like to personalize their belongings to add flair and make them their own. The items you have to tell a lot about who you are and your tastes.

This article will show you how to customize your hoverboard. These cheap tricks and tips will allow you to add character and personality to your hoverboard. You can also make your hoverboard your own with stickers and skins.

Doing DIYs with your child’s favorite toy can be a great way to bond as a parent, and it’s also an excellent activity for children. 

Custom Hoverboard

Many Hoverboards are very similar in appearance. If someone else has the same model, it’s impossible to call your hoverboard unique. There are many ways to personalize a hoverboard, and you don’t have to spend a lot.

While minimalist designs might be appealing to adults, they would not attract children. Razor, for example, offers multiple color options for its hoverboards, and kids love bright, futuristic, or colorful designs.

While it might not be necessary for adults or teens, the hoverboard’s color and design make riding more enjoyable. Teens can also use their imagination to ride their hoverboards.

Tip #1 – Do it Yourself Customization

Most people love DIY projects. DIY projects are popular hobbies, whether restoring their bedroom or making crafts from wood.

You can save money on customizing your hoverboard by making it yourself using materials that you can find at a discount store or items you already own.

You can customize a hoverboard to express your creativity and have fun with your child. You can customize the hoverboard yourself by using these:

Most of the materials needed for DIY Customization can be found at your local dollar shop. You can use your X-Acto knife to cut the duct tape in any color and fill in any holes on your hoverboard.

Tip #2 Adding Custom Hoverboard Skins

You can find custom skins for hoverboards online. These skins can be applied quickly and easily, and you can even buy a case to protect your new smartphone. The same goes for custom hoverboard skins.

Hoverboard skins can be purchased from Amazon and other online retailers. You can search the search bar for the hoverboard model to find the perfect custom skin.

Many designs are available for custom hoverboard skins, including floral prints, space designs, and camouflage.

Tip #3 – Adding Stickers

You can fill your hoverboard if you have a lot of stickers. You can find most stickers and decals at Amazon or other online stores.

It’s easy to customize the board. Stick the stickers in any way you like. Sticking decals to your hoverboard is like transforming it into a race car.

Tip #4: Painting your Hoverboard

You can paint your hoverboard yourself if you’re feeling creative. You can paint your hoverboard instead of using stickers or skins that come pre-made. Although it will require more work, this is a great project you can complete if you have the time.

These are the things you will need to paint your hoverboard:

Tape up any areas you don’t want to paint before you start painting your hoverboard. Tape should be used on rubber foot pads, LEDs, connectivity ports, buttons, and connectors.

For a high-quality finish, ensure that every surface is smooth. Use the sandpaper to smoothen any scratches or dents on your hoverboard.

After everything is ready, spray the first layer of paint. Please wait for it to dry before you start pouring. Once the first layer is dry, you can spread the second one. You can spray one color or mix them and use different colors in different areas.

Tip #5 – Do all the Above

You can also mix and match your hoverboard parts if you want to customize them. You can paint your hoverboard with stickers or buy decals to do the DIY job. You can customize your hoverboard in any way you like, but you must be happy with the final result.


A hoverboard can be customized to make it your own. A hoverboard can be painted or given custom skins to make it more appealing and hide any scratches or dings. These methods are easy to do and affordable. Have fun with them!

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