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How to Disable Two Factor Authentication in Magento 2.4?

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Magento 2 two-factor authentication can become a great security measure for your eCommerce store. Once you apply it, you will require to go through the two-step authentication to access your Magento Admin UI. There are numerous extensions to integrate by deciding to hire Magento developers, but these extensions have some drawbacks too. Let’s keep the drawbacks for the later sections and find out why there is an increasing trend to hire Magento development services to implement the two-factor authentication as added security layer on your Magento 2 store. Before you choose to disable it, let’s go through some significant insights about it.

Reasons behind the use of Magento 2 two factor authentication

Security is one of the primary concerns for every eCommerce store owner, no matter what platform they opt for their business. While people are spending ruthlessly to improve the store security, you can get it conveniently by using Two-factor authentication. 

As per recent studies, the stores that use such measures can withstand cyber threats easily. As multiple authenticators can solve your purpose, the decision to hire Magento developer can help you choose the best option for two-factor authentication.

You can manage and configure the settings of such authentication with an option to reset them by deciding to hire Magento development services.

Disabling Two-factor Authentication in Magento 2.4

If you want to disable the two-factor authentication without using Magento development services, follow the below steps:

These commands may not work if your website is yet in production mode. To make it happen on such a store, you can use the PHP bin/Magento setup:di: compile and 

PHP bin/Magento setup:static-content: deploy command. Though removing authentication from the production website is possible, we strongly advise avoiding it as it is an extra layer of security for such a website.

Common reasons for disabling the two-factor authentication

Though there is an increasing demand for the implementation of two-factor authentication on an eCommerce store, we have seen people disabling it too. If you ask any expert, he will strongly recommend it. But there are some cons too that make it unsuitable for every Magento 2 store owner. Let’s look at some of these factors that lead to disowning of two-factor authentication in the eCommerce industry. 

While discussing with experts from one of the top companies for Magento development services, we found a strange but valid reason to stop two-factor authentication. As per that expert, when we implement the two-factor authentication, it makes the processes time-consuming. Though it may seem irrelevant when there is only one user, things can worsen when your organization has numerous employees. 

Delays caused during the authentication can lead to loss of working hours. I am not against the implementation of two-factor authentication, but you should choose the authenticator wisely. Check the reviews for such tools, so that you should get a fast solution otherwise, you can get frustrated due to the time consumed for such authentications. 

Though this factor may not seem insignificant while talking about an eCommerce business with millions of dollars in revenue, small stores may find it difficult to manage expenses for it. For a small business, even a payment of a few hundred dollars for implementing such things makes a big difference in revenue sheets. 

The cost associated with implementing and maintaining the two-factor authentication software and services may be a reason behind abandoning 2FA. Moreover, if store revenues are not sufficient to bear the cost of such security features, sticking to traditional methods is a wise choice. 

While two-factor authentication increases the hurdles for people trying to steal your data through unauthorized access, there is a problem too. As such tools increase the moving parts in authentication, the chances of authentication process failures can become inevitable. 

Though the modern tools for two-factor authentication in Magento 2 don’t face such problems occasionally, it may happen. If it happens, you may face downtime, thus impacting the revenues of your Magento 2 stores. Though, you have an option to hire Magneto developer to avoid such problems. 

Despite being one of the popular security measures to control unauthorized access, people keep on experiencing many drawbacks of using Two-factor authentication. We agree that there are many good options, but they are vulnerable to sophisticated security attacks by hackers.  

A hacker with good knowledge and resources can undermine the two-factor authentication systems. People who face such problems, often stop trusting these tools and choose to disable the two-factor authentication. You also have an option to use multiple security tools at the same time to get unendurable security layers.

With the advancement in technology, eCommerce stores are shifting attention to more secure and friendly measures. Options like SSL Certificate, Web Application Firewall, Global Content Delivery Network, Website Monitoring Service and Dropmysite Website Backup have higher adoption rates these days. 

As new tools are hitting the desk occasionally, it can be seen as a major reason for shifting from two-factor authentication to modern measures. These tools are capable of providing additional security layers without affecting the performance of your stores.


It was all for our insights about disabling the two-factor authentication without hiring Magento development services. If you wish to disable it, you need to have some technical expertise, especially while using the Magento 2.4 platform. If you lack such skills, deciding to hire Magento developer can turn into a wise choice. 

We have seen people running into trouble while trying to disable such functionalities on their own. Make sure that you always have a certified and experienced developer by your side. It will help you avoid any issues with the store. However, Two-factor authentication still has its relevance, and you should not disable it on your Magento stores.

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