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How to do Bhairava Mudra and its benefits

How to do Bhairava Mudra and its benefits

Today’s article is about “Bhairava Mudra”. Bhairava Mudra is a very powerful mudra in yoga postures. Regular practice of this mudra gives you long-term benefits. Bhairava Mudra has a lot of positive effects on our bodies and mind. So let’s know in detail about Bhairava Mudra.

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Bhairava Mudra –

Bhairava is a form of Lord Shankar. This is the fierce form of Lord Shankar. Lord Shankar in the form of Bhairava causes catastrophe. Both our hands represent the Nadis of Ida and Pingala, and at the same time give a sense of oneness with the Supreme Consciousness of the individual. Bhairava Mudra is named after the Bhairava form of Lord Shankar.

Method of doing Bhairava Mudra –

The practice of this mudra is very simple and easy. This Mudra can be done anywhere and anytime. But when there is more prana air in the environment, then doing it gives more benefit.

Benefits of Bhairava Mudra –

When should Bhairava Mudra be done –

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Hope you liked this article and now you have understood well about this yoga posture. If you also want to be healthy then practice yoga mudra daily and keep yourself physically and mentally healthy. There are many types of yoga mudras, you can also practice them like Sahajoli Mudra, Ashwini Mudra, Manduki Mudra, Prana Mudra, Tadagi Mudra, Maha Mudra, Maha Vedha Mudra, Maha Bheda Mudra, and Vajroli Mudra. Thank you!

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