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How to Fix Error: QuickBooks Cannot communicate with the company file due to firewall


One of the common errors encountered by QuickBooks users is that QuickBooks cannot communicate with the company file due to a firewall. The user’s connection to the company file is blocked by the Windows firewall, which results in a server communication issue. The company file is often saved on the Server computer, also known as the Host computer, which users must access from their workstations when QuickBooks is configured to run in multi-user mode. The server, which resembles a massive workstation with high configuration and lightning-fast speed, houses the organization’s most important data.

Let us dig deeper and get to the root cause of this error. In the later sections, we shall discuss the solutions to resolve this error.

Causes that provoke the communication error in the Company File

The list of potential causes for the QuickBooks issue “Cannot communicate with the Company File” is unraveled below.

Solutions for uprooting the communication issue with the company file

Having got a rudimentary know-how about the error, let us now go through, and implement the below given solutions to fix this error.

Solution 1: Get QuickBooks updated to its Latest Version

Every time the software is updated, new features and bug fixes are included, which instantly fix many problems. To download the update, follow the instructions below.

Solution 2: Enable Company file folder Permissions

The permission to transfer files across the network should be granted to the folder containing the company file. Follow the instructions below to set the folder permissions correctly:

Solution 3: The QuickBooks Tool Hub can help you out

Run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool after first downloading QuickBooks Tool Hub. It will correct typical file problems in the QuickBooks Desktop and run a mini-repair on your firewall and server. Wait for the troubleshooting to be completed before attempting to open the company file in QuickBooks once more. Continue to the next remedy if QuickBooks can still not access the company file on the server.

Solution 4: Make sure Database Server Manager is operating on the Server PC

Your QuickBooks company file is stored on a server computer, whereas other devices are called workstations.

Solution 5: Configure the Settings of the firewall

QuickBooks must be manually excluded from Firewall settings. QuickBooks may be prevented from connecting to the servers by your firewall. Check whether the error is fixed by including QuickBooks in the list of exclusions for Firewall security. Continue to the next solution if the QuickBooks Cannot Communicate with the Company File problem still exists.

Solution 6: Check that Only Hosting PC Has access to the Multi-User mode

The workstations’ Host Multi-User Access option must be disabled. It can only be hosted by the system that houses your QuickBooks company file.

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Wrapping Up!

There is no reason to be concerned if the problem persists even after all the actions mentioned above. Call our QuickBooks error and speak with our certified QuickBooks expert. Our committed specialists will assist you in determining the best course of action needed to resolve the Cannot Communicate with the Company File due to a firewall error.

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