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How to Keep Your Kids Engaged During Times of Covid-19


Let’s face it; these are uncommon and strange times we live in. The hot topics for 2021 are those that weren’t a part of our terminology until a few years back. 

To mention a couple: COVID, lockdown, social distancing, isolation, and self-quarantine!

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Work, meals, playtime, and even rest used to happen at a rather fixed time. 

During vacations, routine alterations and establishing a new one in place take time until it becomes the new normal for a while. 

With the deadly Covid-19 virus spreading in society and the lockdown because of it, the new normal today is to remain inside your home. 

Working professionals are working from home, going out is only possible when required, and kids need to stay inside as great as possible.

With adults often struggling with all the extended work timing during work-from-home, it’s clear that kids are finding the altered situation baffling. 

Here are a few tips to help you change the boring schedule and set up a fresh routine for the next few weeks.

Going out to play with their friends is one of the major things that children miss these days. 

Unfortunately, we can not allow them to do so in the present scenario. But that should not stop us from implementing different ways to involve physical activities in the kid’s routine. 

Here are some simple ways to do so:

Exercise and Stay Fit

Get engaged in physical exercises along with your kids to stay fit inside. Very short sprints in the garden or terrace and fun workouts are the best ways to let out the energy. 

Parents can also ask their kids to assist them while they do their daily workout or come up with an easy exercise that they can do all together. 

Spot-running, jumping, and skipping rope are activities that are simple to perform indoors. 

Infants enjoy messages and tummy time a few times a day, nourishing core muscles important for growth.

Get close to nature

Being inside the house all day can sometimes get a lot boring. You can spend time with the whole family in the home garden, balcony or terrace without going anywhere out. 

Getting vitamin D and fresh air is also very important for proper growth. Parents can ask their kids to help in watering the plants; they can also count the flowers or pick herbs from the garden. 

See their eyes fill with amazement and wonder as they explore the number of textures and leaf designs.

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Let Them Help You

It’s a great thought to ask your kids to help you with the basic household works that you every day. 

Other than lowering your burden, this will help to maximize your kid’s attentiveness, sense of sequence, self-confidence and freedom. 

Managing toys and books, matching socks, putting laundry in the laundry basket, and bringing articles from another room are tasks your little helpers will love to do.

For kids, maintaining the daily routine constantly helps preserve a semblance of normalcy. 

Being home all day, keeping the kids engaged during the daytime is essential. In case they do not have fascinating activities to occupy themselves, they can get irritable or bored. 

Watch movies

Spend some quality screen time together with your family that all will enjoy. Choose movies you enjoyed as a kid or ones that your children love to watch.

Play games

Play one game every day that every family member can play. Most infants and toddlers like settling and nesting toys, and they also sharpen their motor skills. 

Jigsaw puzzles and memory games are a wonderful tool for building logical thinking one of pre-schoolers. 

Pictionary, Word building, Snakes and Ladders or Ludo can turn parents into children in no time!

Read together

Bring board books that contain bright images and textures for your little ones, books based on an animal theme, the ones that are illustrated like pre-schoolers and adventure series with their favorite character for the older ones to see along and enjoy. 

Allow them to dress up and act out their favorite part from the narrative and watch your room becoming a magical forest, a thrilling zoo, as well as an underwater world zoo!

Art and craft

Let their creativity enhance as they dip in colors and drawing. Create a zone where getting a little dirty is fine. 

Assist them in drawing wonders using finger-painting, leaves and vegetable cut-outs. 

Ask them to create greeting cards for their grandparents that they will love forever! Playdough, non-toxic paint, slime are all fantastic tangible tools for sensory development.

This is also a fantastic time to get together as a family virtually. Families worldwide are using video calls to connect with their extended family to socialize and exchange experiences. 

Conduct simple art activities among cousins and share them via the internet and storytelling sessions together with grandparents. 

Let’s stay at home and have some real fun together. Now is the best time to do things collectively that you struggled to find time for in the past. 

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