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How to Make Every Meeting More Engaging?

How to Make Every Meeting More Engaging?

How to Make Every Meeting More Engaging?

How to Make Every Meeting More Engaging?

As they say, “the world is run by those who are willing to sit until the end of the meeting.”

You may think that meetings are too lengthy, pointless, and boring. Meetings are something that is universally hated by people. The attendees of the meeting don’t like to sit in the same place for hours listening to the content. The situation becomes worse if the content is boring and not engaging. But the truth is these meetings matter. It is essential to have a meeting to bring everyone on the same page and share ideas. You just have to make sure that the meeting is captivating, enthralling, and fun to keep individuals interested until the end.

If you want to make the meeting effective, read out the following tips. These tips will help you make the meeting engaging.

  1. Keep it short 

Any long meeting will inevitably make the individuals lose interest in it. A meeting should be only as long as it needs to be to keep everyone on track. It stands true for all types of meetings, including remote meetings. For this reason, it is crucial to keep the convention short. The meeting must cover only the important topics and not trivial topics. When a meeting goes long, people lose focus, which make them feel like they are wasting their time.

  1. Utilizing and incorporating technology

Many companies are working remotely and adapting to various tools according to their needs. For example, the hiring department has shifted to video interview software to conduct remote interviews efficiently. Same as this, you need to use video conferencing tools to conduct a remote meeting without any hassle. You must prefer to modern technology to have a conversation with people. It will make the meeting interesting. The presenter of the meeting can use PowerPoint presentations, etc., to keep the session lively. It will leave a lasting impression on them.

  1. Ensure comfort 

Attendees can only pay attention to the meeting if they are comfortable in their place. The discomfort can come from anything, such as from the table and chair or lightning over them. As a host of the meeting, it is your responsibility to eliminate uneasiness during the meeting. If individuals are comfortable, they can stay focused. Use ergonomic seats to ensure the comfort of attendees, and there should be enough lighting for each person to see the surroundings clearly.

  1. Involve all individuals

A one-sided meeting where one has to present, and others have to listen often becomes dull and uninteresting. This ultimately leads to people losing their focus and concentration, making the meeting tedious. Everyone should feel engaged and involved to stay active in the meeting. First of all, you need to introduce yourself to everyone. This is more important if you are conducting a remote meeting. People are always more engaged in the meeting if they know who is on the call. Moreover, you must take participants’ suggestions, comments, feedback, or opinions to keep them involved in the meeting.

  1. Feed attendees with snacks and appetizers

However, presenting snacks to your attendees is not essential, but it can make your meeting more engaging. If you are having a short meeting, then there is no need to present food, but for a long meeting, consider catering. When people are hungry, they tend to lose focus. Moreover, food convinces individuals to stay and participate. It is basically an excellent reward for attending the meeting.

  1. Have a small talk before starting the meeting

Having small talk before starting a meeting helps everyone to stay connected and engaged. Especially if you are hosting a remote meeting, it is necessary to make everyone’s presence felt in the room. When people know every participant, they are likely to take more interest in the meeting. Make everyone feel comfortable with your small talk, and then proceed to the main motive of the meeting.

  1. Invite only the necessary people

It is difficult to handle a meeting that involves a considerable number of attendees. Presenters can’t concentrate on the target attendees if there are too many participants. Therefore, it is important to involve only the necessary people in the meeting. In that way, you can avoid the chances of dissatisfaction or irritation among the participants. However, you can always invite interns or freshers to meetings so they can learn something from the meeting.

Summing it up

Regardless of the cause of your meeting, it is crucial to make it engaging. It will enhance the output of the conference, which ultimately improves your productivity. These mentioned tips are the best ways to make your meeting more engaging. Involve everyone, and host a successful meeting effortlessly.

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