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How To Profitably Sell A Car For Parts Without Legal Issues

How To Profitably Sell A Car For Parts Without Legal Issues

Sometimes, as a result of an accident or for other reasons, it is impossible to restore a car, and then the only opportunity to sell it remains – for parts. But before submitting an ad, it does not hurt to learn about some of the nuances of such a car implementation, otherwise, you may run into serious problems. In the article, we will talk about how to sell a car for parts and what documents you need to stock up for this.

When is it better to sell a car for parts:

In some cases, it is easier and more cost-effective to sell your car than to restore it. Often the owner of the car is to blame for the breakdowns that led to such an outcome since cars practically do not have design features that can permanently disable them out of the blue.

Many are of the opinion that the owners of completely “killed” vehicles decide to sell the car for spare parts. In fact, there is a huge number of motives, guided by which car owners decide to sell vehicles:

For the reasons listed, the owners decide to sell the car for parts as a whole.

Some cars have certain features, not knowing about which before purchasing the vehicle, you can start to misuse it. As a result, it may be necessary to overhaul or replace the engine. The culprit of such breakdowns as water hammers and the rotation of the liners is the owner of the machine himself. The cost of repairs, in this case, is very high, so if the car is old enough, it is not economically feasible to repair it. On the contrary, the owner should think about how to sell the car for parts.

Having decided to sell the car for parts, the car owner will most likely think about the possibility of the undertaken event.

The expediency of selling a car for spare parts depends on many factors:

The feasibility and payback of selling a car for spare parts also depend on where and how it will be sold.

If you are thinking about where to sell a car for parts, then we offer several options:

So, self-realization of a car for parts will bring three times more profit than putting it in for parts as a whole. However, the final choice depends on what is of higher priority for you – money or time spent.

Is it profitable to sell a car for spare parts:

Is it profitable to sell a car for spare parts, consider the example of a two-liter “Alfa Romeo 145” produced in 1996, in which after a serious accident only the trunk lid remained intact, there are no glasses, and a number of suspension elements are damaged?

For 8 years, the car stood in a leaking garage, the interior was damaged, the wiring was also out of order. You could sell such a car for parts for a maximum of $ 500. The owner decided to implement it piece by piece. He paid $ 150 to the mechanic, and sold the parts on the Internet himself, spending about 6 months on it.

Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the options for selling a car for spare parts in whole or in detail.


But this option has a number of disadvantages:

Documents and taxes when selling a car for spare parts:

Thinking about how to sell a car for spare parts, remember that you cannot transfer the vehicle to a reseller before processing the documents and receiving money. Of course, serious companies are unlikely to cheat customers, but you can expect anything from small and unknown firms. In order to sell a broken car, you need to issue:

The power of attorney prescribes the buyer’s right to transport the car. In cooperation with the organization, it can also deal with the issues of removing the vehicle from registration, thereby saving you time.

The sale of a car by power of attorney is possible after the conclusion of a purchase and sale agreement in the presence of a notary and the subsequent transfer of money.

How to sell a car for parts entirely:

First of all, you should find a buyer. This can be done:

The more methods you use, the faster you will achieve the result, that is, you will find a buyer (ideally, use all three options).

It is important for the buyer to understand what he is being offered, how the car looks like. The use of photographs in your ad is mandatory.

Buyer’s interest can be increased by high-quality photographs, for which it is worth choosing the right angle.

Also, indicate the price for which you want to sell the car for parts. To determine it, you can:

What it takes to sell a car engine for parts:

You cannot simply remove the engine from the car and sell it, as it is illegal.

In order to sell this spare part of the car, you must contact the traffic police for a certificate of removal of this part from the car.

To obtain a certificate, it is necessary to pay a state duty and provide the engine for inspection to specialists who will check its number, etc. After that, the car owner will be given a certificate, which is a document confirming the ownership of the car unit and allowing it to be legally sold.

Only after obtaining a certificate can the internal combustion engine be removed and sold. If in the future the car owner decides to install a new engine and continue to operate the car, then he will have to legally buy it, install it on the vehicle, register it with the traffic police and enter the relevant data into the TCP by checking the engine numbers.

If you decide to sell a car engine for spare parts, then an advertisement for the sale can be published on various Internet sites and auto forums. You can also contact resellers specializing in the sale of spare parts for old cars.

Although these methods do not guarantee a quick sale and minimum costs, they are optimal. The buyer will need to present a traffic police certificate confirming the legality of removing the engine from the car. After that, you can draw up a coolie-sale agreement, on the basis of which the motor will be transferred to a new owner who has the right to resell it or install it on a car, etc.

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