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Investing in a Mobile App? Put These Traits in It

Investing in a Mobile App? Put These Traits in It

Isn’t it great to lie down on the couch and listen to your favourite audiobook?

Don’t you feel awesome to get free counselling and medical advice from the comfort of your home using your phone?

Isn’t it wonderful to shop for the product you want or book the service you need in only a few clicks?

Or when you send money to your nearest one and take out a loan with this device that fits in the palm of your hand?

These are all done by the phone, though. But the tasks are executed in dedicated apps.

Imagine how relaxed and informed your customers would feel had they got their hands on an app dedicated to the kind of trade you do for them.

Not only will it make them feel good about the work, but you will also get superb support in data management, marketing and sales and definitely customer communication.

Above all, things will get more ‘compact’ for you, don’t you think?

However, making an app in the right way is crucial. Whatever you read indeed happens to your brand. But they will happen if people like using your app and if they find it useful.

Can you make your app in a way to help your audience be more connected to it?

You sure can!

You probably searched for a loan like provident from Ireland lenders with the help of an app.

If you have done so, the first thing you probably noticed is that the app interested you in using it because it isn’t so difficult to understand and operate.

Although this is the main point to keep in mind while making an application for your business, you must also take care of a hundred more things to make the app ‘loveable’ to your customers – both the new and the existing ones.

Maybe this post cannot tell you a hundred of those successful mobile app features.

But you’ll definitely know a few…and they are some of the most important aspects of a friendly mobile app.

Do take a look below to consider them:

  1. An Easy Search Option
  2. An App that’s Speedy
  3. HQ Resolution Proves Professionalism
  4. Can You Simply Navigate through the App?
  5. Colours!!!
  6. Push Notifications Make a Difference
  7. Security
  8. Is It Working Offline?
  9. And Are You Updating It?
  10. Integrate It into the Social Media

Without further ado, let us get to know about these traits.

  1. An Easy Search Option

Whether or not you are developing a game based application or an eCommerce app, the search options make the app more usable.

Your customers want to use the app to get more. A search option here perfectly extends this service.

You can consider having a search option located at the bottom of the screen and that too on the right side. Make it slightly bigger so that it is reachable.

  1. An App that’s Speedy

Just like a website that is not speedy, an application can work wonders if only it is discovered to work fast.

A website that lags steals away the interest of the users. Similarly, a lag is a killer in terms of making your business app more mobile and useful.

  1. HQ Resolution Proves Professionalism

Smartphones these days support 16 million colours or more than that with the arrival of 2k and 4k displays.

Your app must support 16 million colours at least as a minimum requirement. Make sure the images you use in the app are graphically heavy and of a good resolution so that you make it clear that you work professionally.

Yes, sometimes, looks does matter.

  1. Can You Simply Navigate through the App?

When shifting to this page from that…or when scrolling down and tapping on options, an application needs to obey every command or tap of the user.

With that being said, good navigation does not only mean how fast the app is in using it, but also how RESPONSIVE it is.

Ask your developers to put this option on a serious note. After all, you probably took out a bad credit loan from Ireland to fund this project. You have every right to guide the direction of the work.

  1. Colours!!!

The more colourful your application is, the better.

Remember what it told me about the 16 million colours?

You keep that in mind.

But you also keep in mind that bright and bold colours work great because they are more relaxing to the mind and make the Smartphone screen look more spacious.

If you still want to use light shades, choose a few and accent them by pairing them with white or some bold but light colours.

  1. Push Notifications Make a Difference

Your users want precise services.

Use push notifications in your app to guide them strategically but helpfully.

Add messaging to it.

Use text, images, or graphic content in push notifications.

  1. Security

Probably the most critical aspect of an application, security is the thing that might as well sell your app.

Use the strongest end-to-end encryption tech to ensure your users, their information, and your business data are all secure.

Update security from time to time in your app too.

  1. Is It Working Offline?

People might get bored with your application if it doesn’t work offline.

While you can keep aside some of the major tasks for the online interaction, you can still ask your developers to give access to some features of the app to your customers in the offline mode.

Making applications such as gaming apps and all need these kinds of facilities. This is why many games are made keeping in mind about the offline mode and are provided so.

It is better to keep your customers engaged with the application because they are going to feel more connected to your app if you provide them with that facility.

Some games such as campaign games or story based games are made offline. But they still provide online multiplayer mode to help gamers discover more about the game and be more and more operative with it.

You got the idea, didn’t you?

  1. And Are You Updating It?

As mentioned earlier, it is not the security you will update. An application might need a variety of updates regarding its services and support.

Speak to your developers and update the app at the right times to give your users and lag-free and improved experience.

  1. Integrate It into the Social Media

Your customers can make you known.

If you put social media access in your app, then you are giving your customers exactly what they want to do with the app, which is to tell other people about their experiences.

People always like to share things. Help them through your app, and you might be awarded improved visibility.

Before making your mobile app, always look for good developers.

Pros in this field can make your work reach astounding heights if your knowledge and your brand’s USP meet their expertise.

So, what are you waiting for?

Make your app and make it fantastic!

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