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Know why School Parent Portals are important for Students and Parents Today

Know why School Parent Portals are important for Students and Parents Today

Know why School Parent Portals are important for Students and Parents Today

School Parent Portal is useful platform to stay updated with the academic affairs of your ward. It is used by parents to send and receive important information regarding the education of their child without fail. Due to this, they are able to keep themselves in the loop and provide their child with the opportunities they deserve.

Parent portals, also known as school parent portals, were envisioned to be a major role in the educational journey of students. In fact, this portal is today becoming one of the most significant tools for parents and students. School management believes that the idea behind this portal is to empower every parent to indulge in their wards’ academic as well as non-academic activities.

School parent portals are a great way to communicate and administration between parents, teachers, students, and also the teachers’ association. These software systems have made processes easier and also facilitated data management.

Some of the important roles school parent portals play include:


 Parents play a vital role in their ward’s educational success. They act as the first teachers and help build their children into confident individuals who are ready to face the world.


eSchool certainly understands this fact and has designed a school portal that helps parents stay connected with their wards, while also providing them with an opportunity to monitor their child’s academic performance.


The key features of our school portals include:

– Parents can access the grades of their children anytime and anywhere,

– Attendance of students is updated on a real-time basis,

– Reports of exams can be viewed online,

– A dedicated chat space where parents can raise queries or seek clarifications from teachers, etc.

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Why has the school parent portal become a necessity for students and parents today?


School Parent Portals are a great way to improve communication between the school and the parents, especially when it comes to the progress of your child. Parents can access information about their children’s progress and grades, as well as any upcoming exams or events. It also allows them to contact teachers directly, so they can speak to them about their child’s issues or concerns.


eSchool is a digital platform that provides schools and parents with access to relevant information about the school, students, and teachers. It helps to improve communication between parents, teachers, and students through its parent portal. The portals are available on mobile apps or websites which can be accessed anytime. From any location by anyone who has the login credentials.


The parent portal is an online platform that offers easy access to information. Such as academic records, attendance, fee details, transcripts, and much more. Parents can also communicate with teachers by filling out a form on the portal.

In addition to this, eSchool provides parents with an opportunity to share their feedback with teachers and also rate them based on their performance. 

To Conclude 


The Internet is the most powerful tool man has invented to date. It has become part of our daily lives, entering homes via television, radio, computers, and smartphones. The Internet has made it possible for students to complete homework online, helping parents save themselves from interruptions. The parent portals have provided a convenient platform for teachers to share important information with parents at all times.

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