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Mango Dessert Recipes to Make Mother’s Day Special

Mango Dessert

Do you want to surprise your mother this Mother’s Day?  

Does your mother love mango?  

If yes, then we have an amazing idea for you.  

Though every day is Mother’s Day, if you find it right to make your mother’s life easy and happy, at least for a day, the best way to make her happy is to cook something good for her. You must be thinking but she herself cooks so well; how will I be able to impress her with my naïve cooking skills? Well, giving her a break from her daily routine is the answer.  

This Mother’s Day, cook all the things that she likes. Everyone likes breaks and food. Moreover, the mothers who like mangoes eagerly wait for summer to have this fruit. So, you can make some fancy mango dessert for her that she will never forget. If you are thinking of making a mango shake or something ordinary, then take a break because we have some brilliant mango dessert recipes that your mother wouldn’t have even known about. These recipes are easy, and you will be quickly done with everything. You do not have to go anywhere for the mango dessert recipes because they are listed below for you. Let’s have a read.  

Mango Dessert Recipes to Make Mother’s Day Special

This could be the perfect dessert to make for Mother’s Day. The mango is in season, so it’s super fresh and juicy. If your mom is a mango fan like me, then I promise you this will be her dream cake. 

It combines the delicious taste of vanilla ice cream, fresh mango, mango ice cream, some zest, and some passion fruit puree. 

To make this cake, all you need to do is make the base with a peel soaked in mango juice, cover with a layer of vanilla ice cream with mango chunks, repeat the husk layer, and then cover with a layer of whipped cream mango ice cream. 

The cream should be soft so that you can spread it evenly and easily. 

Only soak the peel until all the mango juice is absorbed. If you soak them for too long, the crust will get soggy and break apart while trying to make your dessert. 

Remember to let the cake freeze overnight. This ensures there will be no mess while you cut the cake, and it will keep its structure. 

Another seasonal star is this one bowl of mango cake. Honestly, I’m mango-obsessed at the moment, and it’s hard for me to think that anyone could be otherwise. Using seasonal fruit in desserts is always a good choice. It makes any dessert stand out and gets people excited to try it. 

My one-bowl mango cake is one of the easiest to make. I like to top it off with some cream cheese frosting. Cream cheese and fresh mango complement each other beautifully. Why bring a cake from the market when you can make one.  


These are a couple of the easiest mango dessert recipes to help you make Mother’s Day special.  


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