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Montblanc: interview with Davide Cerrato


Montblanc: interview with Davide Cerrato

From today,

9 April, Montblanc,

with an installation in the heart of Brera Design District,

celebrates the new Campaign for the 1858 Collection.

On the occasion of this event

I had the opportunity to interview for you readers of TGCOM24 Davide Cerrato,

Director since 2015 General of the Montblanc Watches Division

and with twenty years of experience in this replica watches

I start by asking her something about her and her background …

A dual course of study: Industrial Design at the Polytechnic of Turin

and then Business School. I entered the world of watchmaking

about 15 years ago after various experiences in the marketing and advertising fields.

First contact with watches at Officine Panerai for about 4 years,

then at Rolex to take care of the relaunch of Tudor for 9 years;

I have been with Montblanc for about 3 and a half years

Let’s move on to the Montblanc Watch Division: how was it born?

The Division was born as such upon my arrival

and is corresponded with the creation of a dedicated Business Unit based in Switzerland

(between the two factories of Le Locle and Villeret)

and with all the human resources dedicated to the Division under the same Swiss roof.

The watch business for Montblanc was launched 21 years ago as an extension after the skin.

In 2006 the group bought Minerva,

attributing it to Montblanc with all its assets

and the manufacture of Villeret.

What we have implemented in Montblanc’s new watch offering is very strongly

based on this incredible heritage of products,

knowledge and savoir-faire

and for this we take as reference the birth of our watchmaker savoir-

faire the date of foundation of Minerva. 1858 (161 years ago).

What are the most significant things that

the Montblanc Group has done in the recent past and what are the next objectives of the Group?

As far as watches are concerned,

we have renewed all the collections

and we have renewed the layout of our boutiques with a new retail concept

that expresses the luxury soul of Montblanc very well.

The integration of Montblanc and

Minerva also at the level of communication of history and

heritage is in full effect and this unique history of knowledge

and hand-made movements

such as the single-button chronograph comes to life today in the new products

of which the line 1858 is the perfect example with a design inspired

by very vintage military watches of the 1930s

and 1940s and with unique in-house movements

such as the Geosphere world hours or the rattrapante movement

on the limited series single-button chronograph.

At the level of other categories Montblanc continues to innovate with products

such as the Summit smartwatch or the new line of trolleys.

Your Group ranges from writing instruments, to leather goods, to watches …

is there interaction between the different areas?

There is interaction at the level of universes of the current year’s communication theme to which the narratives, albeit different, of the different product categories and sometimes on themes related to collectible products are linked. But Montblanc’s strength lies in the fact that it is able to treat each category as a true specialist of the same with a leather business based in Florence with a dedicated manufacture, the writing instruments business based historically in Hamburg with its manufacture and the watch business. based in Switzerland between Le Locle and Villeret our two fully integrated factories.fake rolex

Is there a piece or collection that, in your opinion, best reflects the spirit of Montblanc?

Without a doubt the 1858. It perfectly expresses the Minerva spirit of military watches of the 1930s and 1940s with a real tool watch design and very modern vintage accents. We linked it to the narration of the outdoor adventure and to reconnecting with oneself and with nature, an extremely important and trendy theme today. For Montblanc it is a new sporty and vintage expression that works very well: the line has become the symbol of the new Montblanc and in particular the hours of the world Geosphere of which we present this week the new capsule military green and bronze has become the iconic product worldwide. . To the delight of collectors, we also present a rattrapante single-button chronograph with Minerva movement made and decorated by hand by our master watchmakers from Villeret.

Let’s move on to Minerva: you acquired this historic Manufacture in 2006.

What does it mean for you today?

Synergy, positioning difference,

increase of your know-how, or something else?

Minerva is the unique and incredible story of a brand that has strongly contributed to create, invent together with Heuer the magnificent watchmaking complication we now call chronograph. This technical epic materialized in the development of unique movements such as low-frequency single-button chronographs with first expressions in pocket watches and then wrist watches. Minerva has developed over the years a completely handmade decoration style typical of the valley where Villeret is located. All this wealth and poetry lives today, inhabits the Montblanc collection. Minerva is fundamental for us to define our legitimacy as an authentic brand of mechanical watchmaking and it is also the inspiration through the incredible heritage

we have inherited for all our new designs that

define the identity of Montblanc watches with great character and distinction.

In addition to the strength of 1858 we will present in June a new classic

but very vintage line inspired by the Minerva chronographs of the 40s and 50s

that we have called Heritage. These two product lines are truly designed for an Italian audience of great watch connoisseurs and seasoned collectors.

How important is Research and Development for you?

Much. Both in terms of continuous research on materials such as the bronze we use which is actually the most technological and qualitative alloy existing to date (with aluminum enrichment that allows to obtain a perfect patina and incredible comfort). Both at the level of movements with today a structure of our offer on three very precise levels: up to 5,000 euros we offer standard but very qualitative movements that allow us to offer very interesting price entry products, between 5,000 and 25,000 euros we offer manufacturing movements very interesting and unique like that of Geosphere but also the Nicolas Rieussec chronograph-button or the new perpetual calendar on Heritage, over 25,000 euros we offer only Minerva movements completely made and decorated by hand in a limited series for collectors and experts.

Perhaps a somewhat obvious question,

interviewing her for my blog: how are you approaching the digital world? And what future prospects do you see?

We are today at the second version of our Summit smartwatch which is part of the technology products division. And that represents a real success for the brand with the recruitment of new younger customers for the brand.

I know that from 9 April Montblanc, with an installation in the heart of the Brera Design District, will celebrate the new 1858 Campaign, inviting you to reconnect with yourself through an immersive experience in nature. Can you tell us something? Also on the new collection (which I personally find very beautiful).

The theme of reconnection with nature is very current and relevant as the English say.

A great push towards the return to the authentic experience with nature

that allows you to find yourself and recharge your batteries.

Just look at Instagram to see how this theme is ubiquitous from the self-built hut into the wild or super design to nature photography from camping in the wild to 360-degree adventure. This theme is very strongly linked with a brand like our name of the highest mountain in Europe and a perfect symbol of this challenge with nature. Even the Montblanc star actually represents the 6 glaciers of Mont Blanc. An authentic and natural bond that made 1858 a great success worldwide and in Italy. During this unique event, we present a new military green and bronze capsule that demonstrates once again how Montblanc is a trend setter in terms of the use of colors and materials. A space in Brera was set up with great impact as a part of an American park forest to contextualize this launch. You’re all invited!

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