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Most Effective Ways To Treat Rosacea Problem

how to Treat Rosacea

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin disease in which blood vessel in your face become visible and causes redness. Swollen red bumps and patches of small pus-filled bumps are common symptoms. That may blaze up for weeks to months and then diminish for a while. How to treat rosacea?
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Rosacea doesn’t cause danger to your health. But it affects your looks and overall appearance and shatters your confidence.

Types of rosacea:

According to the American Academy of dermatology. There are four main types of rosacea, as listed below:

  1. Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea: Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea is the abbreviation of ETR. Redness, flushing and visible blood vessels in your face are the common symptoms of ETR.
  2. Papulopustular rosacea: Its symptoms resemble acne, such as redness, swelling, and breakouts.
  3. Phymatous rosacea: The skin will thicken and take a bumpy texture in this skin condition.
  4. Ocular rosacea: This type of rosacea affects the eyes. The patient may experience irritation and redness in the eyes with swollen eyelids.

What are the common symptoms of rosacea?

These are some common symptoms or signs associated with rosacea. However, considerably symptoms will vary from person to person.

What are the causes of rosacea?

The specialists are not sure about what causes rosacea. However, the factors listed below are thought to contribute to rosacea development:

Conditions that aggravate rosacea:

Below are some factors that increase blood flow to the skin surface and worsen rosacea.

Is there any clinical test to diagnose rosacea?

There is no clinical test will be done to diagnose rosacea. The dermatologist will diagnose this skin condition after examining the patient’s skin.

Natural Treatment:

Many ways are used to treat rosacea naturally. Some of them are readily available and applied at home. You can get alternate IPL rosacea treatment in london.

Aloe Vera:



Coconut oil:



Green tea:

Lavender essential oil:



Raw Honey:

Tea Tree essential oil:

Laser Treatments:

The skin specialist found different laser and light therapies to treat rosacea. Some of them are given below:

Erbium YAG laser:

Pulsed-dye lasers:

CO2 lasers:

Intense Pulse Light therapy:

What are the side effects you may suffer after the laser treatment?

The common side effects of rosacea laser treatments are:

Side effects should vary from person to person. These side effects are temporary and will fade away within a few days.


Laser therapy is an effective and pain-free treatment for rosacea. Before getting the rosacea laser treatment. You should consult the dermatologist and ask him to recommend whether rosacea laser therapy is the right treatment for your skin condition.

Still, no treatment is available to cure rosacea. However, the earlier-mentioned treatment may be helpful to get some relief from rosacea for a few years.

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