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Online whiteboard use cases

Best online whiteboard use cases


At COVID-19, an online whiteboard took the role of the physical whiteboard. Online whiteboard use cases vary. This expedited the progress of digitizing teaching and learning. Video conferencing has mostly taken the position of classroom meetings, while screen sharing and presentation slides have largely taken the place of whiteboards.

To teach and study online, teachers and students globally require more than video conferencing platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This is particularly true when it comes to student participation and faculty collaboration.

As education increasingly goes online, the demand for online learning and teaching tools has risen dramatically. Whiteboards on the Internet are gaining popularity.

We’ll examine how online whiteboards can assist make online teaching and learning more pleasurable in this article. Dojoit is the online whiteboard tool we’ll discuss. Teachers can use this technology to construct online lessons and collaborate with students.

Traditional and online whiteboard use cases


Instead of a traditional whiteboard, teachers and students can use digital whiteboards to draw on an infinite canvas. They have shape libraries and templates for creating content (i.e. charts, diagrams, posters, visuals, etc.). Additionally, they make their content available online so that anyone with a computer or smartphone may view it.

Teachers and students can communicate on the same canvas with advanced online whiteboard systems such as Dojoit, which include real-time change previews and mouse tracking. Additionally, they can see each other’s actions and mouse movements.

Utilization of a remote whiteboard


An online whiteboard is comparable to a classroom whiteboard or chalkboard, where everyone congregates around it.


  • Increase the enjoyment factor of your online lessons.
  • Create, sketch, and show ideas on a canvas online.
  • Promote active involvement and collaboration.
  • Create online lesson presentations and posters.
  • Improving Teaching Through the Use of an Online Whiteboard


It makes no difference whether you now use or wish to utilize an online whiteboard. Here’s how to utilize them more effectively in online lessons.

Dojoit online whiteboard use cases


A whiteboard is mostly used for collaboration. It can be used to assist students during classes or lectures.

For instance, you can invite students to collaborate on a paper using Dojoit. Additionally, you can send students an email or use a chat platform to offer them a link to amend their work.

Here are some examples of how you can utilize Dojoit to collaborate with your students.

Utilizing the virtual whiteboard provided by Dojoit:

Create a document or use a Dojoit template for brainstorming.

Complete the blanks with the students’ names. Collaborate on the document with Dojoit’s integrated video conferencing. To keep track of your student’s progress, use a third-party tool to connect with them, share your screen, and watch their movements across the canvas.

Mind maps, idea boards, concept maps, affinity diagrams, lotus diagrams, and starbursting are all visual brainstorming techniques that can aid in the generation of new ideas.



Produce numerous copies of the same document (such as an assignment) by replicating the original.

Additionally, you can create, organize, and modify Dojoit documents using the Google Drive interface.

Include the student’s name when identifying the duplicated document to ensure that it is clear who owns what. The pupil is then free to do as they choose.

Once the assignment is complete, you can review it and provide feedback via in-line comments. Making a video call may also be beneficial.

Exercises in groups


One of the most challenging aspects of online education is ensuring that lecturers and students communicate effectively during the lesson. By allowing both sides to work concurrently, online whiteboards help bridge this barrier.

Dojoit enables the creation of real-time quizzes and games such as crossword puzzles and hangman.

Create and Distribute Instructional Materials.

It is critical to keep online classes concise and succinct. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text and have been shown to increase learning by 400%.

These methods can assist in efficiently summarizing a one-hour lecture and explaining complicated issues. A whiteboard enables you to create and share visuals with the entire class quickly and simply.

Along with flowcharts, Create includes pre-designed templates for over 50 different chart and diagram types.

Additionally, you can search Google for other shapes and images or use your own.

These graphics, which are available as PNGs, SVGs, JPEGs, or PDFs, can be used in presentations, websites, and reports. Alternatively, students can receive merely a link to the project.

Declare what you know through web whiteboard


A huge canvas, a whiteboard for the internet. It can be used to produce visually spectacular and interesting presentations on a single page or as part of a larger presentation.

Each slide requires a unique number or name. This will simplify the use of  Dojoit. This will significantly simplify the process of progressing from one slide to the next.

To spice up your presentation slides, you may search for and import photos in a variety of formats (JPEG, PNG, SVG, and GIF, for example).

Throughout the presentation, zoom in on each slide and explain the facts to the children so they can follow along.

Online whiteboard use cases records


Visuals assist us in comprehending a great deal of information. Utilize an online whiteboard to display crucial topics as a chart, graph, or diagram when teaching. Encourage students to use the same equipment to take notes.

According to one study, 90% of data transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals aid in the remembering of data. Encourage students to use their notes to create a mind map, concept map, flowchart, or graphic organizer. This will aid children in recalling more information.

Dojoit has a variety of pre-designed templates for students to use when taking notes. Prepare a template in advance of the session and distribute it to the students for note-taking.

Online whiteboard for educational purposes


After hours of staring at a screen, students lose interest and become more resistive to what you say. The teacher and pupils are energized in a genuine classroom. A collaborative experience can be recreated using an online whiteboard for education.

Kindly share with us how you teach and learn online.

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