Patek Philippe and the new minute repeater

Patek Philippe and the new minute repeater


Patek Philippe and the new minute repeater

Patek Philippe “Advanced Research”,

with the ref. 5750 minute repeater watch just presented,

has developed a brand new entirely mechanical sound amplification system.

Thanks to the very strong “ff” module, consisting of a flexible rotating lever

and a vibrating disc in transparent sapphire crystal,

it is possible to obtain a sound volume that is decidedly higher than that of a traditional minute repeater,

regardless of the material with which the cashier; all without compromising the acoustics which remain of the highest

The Patek Philippe “Advanced Research” department, created in 2005,

has the mission of conducting cutting-edge research in the field of new materials,

technologies and design principles that open up new perspectives in the watch industry.

In 2005, Patek Philippe “Advanced Research”,

in line with its pioneering spirit, became interested in the innovative technology of Silinvar®,

a silicon derivative with revolutionary characteristics in watchmaking

(insensitivity to temperature changes, lightness, absence of lubrication, amagnetism, etc.).fake patek philippe

The manufacturer then presented the first Silinvar® escape wheel (2005),

followed by the Spiromax® hairspring (2006), the Pulsomax® escapement (2008),

the Oscillomax® regulating organ (2011) and an optimized version of the Spiromax® spiral (2017).

Starting with the famous automatic caliber R 27,

the movement with which Patek Philippe marked the great return of minute repeaters in 1989,

the engineers and manufacturers of Patek Philippe

“Advanced Research”

have studied a system to amplify the volume of the ringer in a purely mechanical replica watches

while maintaining excellent acoustic quality and dimensions as small as possible.

After extensive technical research,

they decided to preserve the basic movement architecture

and add a bridge side module (ie wrist side) that acts as a “mechanical speaker”.

Unlike common speakers,


amplification is not

guaranteed by a flexible membrane attached to the support along its entire circumference,

as if it were a drum skin.

In the system for which three patent applications were


Patek Philippe replaced this membrane with a 0.2mm thick synthetic sapphire crystal vibrating disc.

Thanks to its angular displacements,

this free hard drive guarantees significantly better sound propagation in the limited volume of a wristwatch case.

To connect the timbres of the minute repeater mechanism to the vibrating disc,

the engineers designed a steel lever system on which the sapphire crystal disc is

fixed in the center.

This lever, which resembles a tuning fork in shape,


mounted on a “suspension” consisting of a flexible pin 0.08 mm thick.

When the hammers strike the timbres, the vibrations of the latter are

transmitted to the lever which, in turn, transmits them,

amplifying them, to the rigid vibrating disk,

which further amplifies them.

At this point,

the angular displacements of the disc cause the layers of air that are above

and below the sapphire crystal to vibrate, producing a much stronger sound.

The addition of the fortissimo “ff”

amplification module was accompanied by the development of a completely new sound diffusion system.

In a classic minute repeater mechanism,

the blows of the hammers on the stamps cause the entire watch to vibrate.

The sound spreads from all sides through the case, the case back and the sapphire crystal glass.

Hence the importance of the material in which the box is made; in fact,

it is considered that pink gold is the precious metal that guarantees the best sound diffusion,

while platinum, due to its high density, represents a greater acoustic challenge.

In the minute repeater mechanism with very strong module, the hi-tech composite material ring allows you to isolate the amplification system from the rest of the movement.

In this way, the sound is transmitted first to the lever,

then to the vibrating disc,

and is

diffused only through four openings made in a titanium ring,

located at 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

The sound wave spreads, then ,

through a slit between the case back and the carrure,

equipped with a dust filter to protect the movement without altering the sound.

Result? The material used for the case no longer has any impact on how the sound is


which remains the same whether it is a watch in rose, yellow or white gold or in platinum.

The fortissimo module fixed in the case back allows you to listen to the sound of the bell at a distance six times higher;

let me explain: a classic minute repeater listened to with the watch

on the wrist from a distance of 10 meters and an amplified minute repeater listened to from 60 meters will have the same sound level.

In addition, the manufacture has put

its rich know-how in the field of chime watches to good use to offer a powerful sound that is also pleasant to listen to,

a result that can only be achieved thanks to

its skills and a perfect musical ear.

The sound amplified by the fortissimo module,

although slightly different from that of other minute repeater watches,

has the same level of harmony and acoustic fullness that has made Patek Philippe striking watches famous,

with a good length of sound compared to the so-called ” attack “(hardness). In addition, the maximum duration of the ringtone (32 strikes at 12 and 59),

which is usually 17-18 seconds,

has been increased to 20-21 seconds to allow the timbres to resonate a little longer.

In addition to the addition of the fortissimo module,

the R 27 PS caliber has benefited from several technical improvements in terms of materials and architecture.

The hammers of the steel minute repeater mechanism have been

replaced by platinum hammers, a patented solution

that offers in this case a better quality of percussion according to Patek Philippe criteria,

with a softer sound but characterized by the same power.

The 22 ct gold eccentric mini-rotor has been replaced

by a platinum mini-rotor, a denser metal thanks to which

it is possible to reduce the thickness of the oscillating weight, with the same charging power, and therefore to partially compensate for the greater thickness linked to the addition of the fortissimo module.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the fortissimo system,

the manufacture chose the most acoustically demanding metal: platinum. The dial with its refined five-part architecture is distinguished by the central perforated motif inspired by the rims of vintage cars, a decoration that stands out against the “blued” black background, that is embellished with thin spiral lines. The small seconds at 6 o’clock are displayed on a rotating disc that exhibits the same perforated pattern on a bluish black background and an index like a hand, a mobile element that adds a touch of great originality and dynamism. The time is marked by the white gold “flat dauphine” hands that point to the “kite” applied indexes in burnished white gold.

Through the sapphire crystal case back you can admire the classic hammers

and timbres of the minute repeater and the tuning fork-shaped lever on which the transparent vibrating disc of the fortissimo amplification system is fixed. The perforated Calatrava cross covers the inertial flywheel system ensuring a perfectly regular cadence to the bell. The grand spectacle of movement also celebrates the Gyromax® balance wheel, the Spiromax® hairspring in Silinvar® presented by Patek Philippe “Advanced Research” in 2006 and a large bridge decorated in Côtes de Genève with carefully beveled and polished edges. The platinum mini-rotor exhibits a sunburst decoration that echoes the dial, obtained through a laser surface texturing technique that captures the light and brings out the black color on some areas. The watch, limited to just 15 pieces, is presented on a shiny orange alligator strap with black contrasting stitching and a platinum folding clasp.Patek Philippe and the new minute repeater

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