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Police Clearance Certificate

Police Clearance Certificate

A Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), commonly referred to as a “Good Conduct Certificate,” is evidence of a person’s criminal history—or absence thereof—in the state where they currently reside. The certificate, which police agencies throughout the UAE give, certifies that the individual is neither under investigation nor has a criminal record. With the help of this service, members of the community can get a police certificate attesting to their good behavior in the United Arab Emirates from a security and criminal standpoint, which they can then show to official bodies that need such a certificate for work, study, immigration, obtaining a license, or other similar reasons. 

A government agency or the police department will give a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) to passport applicants and holders to attest that they have no criminal history. The police clearance certificate is primarily necessary for citizens who want to immigrate to a foreign nation to work, stay for an extended period, or reside there. Tourists traveling overseas do not need to ask for a police clearance certificate from the authorities.

Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must possess a valid passport and verified address, and but, the applicant’s present address must match the talks on the passport and other supporting documents.

Essential Documents

Those who are applying from abroad should include:
Other requirements

For fingerprinting purposes, applicants without an Emirates ID should attend police service centers during business hours (Al Qusais Police Station or Ports Police Station). Also the applicant should attach a fingerprint card after being confirmed by the UAE Embassy if they are from outside the nation and do not have an Emirates ID.

How can I apply?

The PCC is open to applicants who have lived in the UAE in the past. Who are no longer citizens of the country. Through the Ministry of Interior’s website or mobile app, MOI UAE, which is accessible on iTunes and Google Play. You can submit an online application for the certificate. After completing the application form and paying the necessary costs using electronic payment cards.

You can also visit one of the MOI’s service centers and have the paperwork completed there. But, in Dubai, the service is accessible via the Dubai Police smart app, which is available on iTunes and Google Play, or via the Dubai Police website. Through the offices of the Dubai Police, you can obtain it offline.

So,if you no longer reside in the UAE. You must obtain a fingerprint card from the nation where you now live. It have the UAE Embassy there certify it. A fingerprint card is an official document from the relevant police department that confirms a person’s identity using their biometrics and decimal fingerprint.

The following papers with your online PCC request to the Dubai Police or the UAE’s Ministry of Interior:

  1. two current passport-sized pictures
  2. a fingerprint card that the UAE Embassy has approved
  3. a copy of your current passport
  4. a copy of your most recent UAE visa
  5. Your justification for applying.

The certificate is provided upon request from the beneficiary and may be used for various objectives. It including job, study, immigration, obtaining licenses, and other purposes. Both Arabic and English are available for the certificate’s issuance. The cost varies depending on the applicant’s language proficiency, country of citizenship, and current domicile. Also, the service card lists the prices and the duration of the service. You can approach Ontime Attestation for professional advices and assistance related Police clearance certification.


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