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Professional Engineers Ontario Licence Reinstatements

Professional Engineers Ontario

By means of Professional Engineers Ontario Licence Reinstatements, former licensed engineers can get their engineering licence back. So, if you are one of those former licensed engineers with this wish, then read this blog.

Here, we will tell you the necessary things related to this system. The better you know them, the easier it will be for you to achieve your engineering licence again. However, before you know that, we want you to have a clear idea of the province’s engineering system.

For that, we will tell you about the licensing authority, engineering awards, fees and the like. So, read the whole blog to the end.

Professional Engineers Ontario:

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) was established on June 14, 1922. It is the licensing and regulating organization for professional engineering in the province.

PEO regulates the practice of professional engineering and governs its members to work for and protect the public interest. It makes sure that all professional engineers fulfill rigorous qualifications for licensing. Apart from that, it also makes sure that only qualified individuals work as engineers.

As part of its mandate, the licensing authority also sets up, maintains and develops standards of:

  1. Knowledge and skills
  2. Practice for the profession
  3. Professional ethics

Besides that, it also promotes public awareness of its role.

Professional Engineers Ontario Licence Reinstatements:

If you have resigned your licence in the past, then you can apply as a Reinstatement Applicant. Besides that, you can apply as a Reinstatement Applicant if you had your licence cancelled due to outstanding fees.

If you apply as a P.Eng. Reinstatement Applicant, send your P.Eng. Reinstatement Application form to for review. Here, you also need to submit the necessary documents.

As per the date of the resignation or cancellation of your P.Eng. licence with PEO, follow the corresponding submission requirements. We have provided these submission requirements below.

Your cancellation or resignation date will be on your PEO licence cancellation email/letter. If you can’t locate this information, contact Financial Services. Call at 416-224-1100 ext. 1125 to know more about this.

Submission requirements:

  1. If licence has been cancelled for up to 90 days, log in to your PEO portal account. After that, pay your fees using the following link If not having a PEO portal account, reach Financial Services at 416-224-1100 ext. 1125.
  2. If licence got cancelled for 91 to 365 days, contact the Financial Services department to reinstate your licence at 416-224-1100 ext. 1125.
  3. Submit your P.Eng. Reinstatement Application form and an acceptable identification document if your licence cancelled for 1 to 2 years. You also need to submit the same if you resigned your licence in the past. For your referee list, include a minimum of two references (they don’t need to be a P.Eng. licence holder). Submit this information to for review.
  4. If your licence cancelled for 2 or more years, you have to reapply by submitting your P.Eng. Reinstatement Application Form. Besides that, submit an acceptable identification document, a Codes and Standards Experience Form and a Professional Development Report. For your referee list, include a minimum of two P.Eng. licence holders. You must currently work with them. After that, submit this information to for review.

Professional Engineers Ontario Reinstatement Fees:

The Licence which is cancelled for up to 90 days:

Those licences which are cancelled for 91 to 365 days:

Cancelled for 1 to 2 years:

Cancelled for 2 or more years:

Resigned Members:

Professional Engineers Ontario’s Awards:

The organization recognized achievements and service to the engineering profession. It recognizes through awards and recognition programs and nominations for external honours. Here, we will tell you about the Order of Honour.

Order of Honour:

The Order of Honour gives recognition to PEO volunteers, including both professional engineers and others, who paid a valuable contribution to the engineering profession.

The Order of Honour recognizes those PEO volunteers who made a valuable contribution to the engineering profession. These volunteers include both professional engineers and others.


The member designation is for those who have served the engineering professional. They worked by contributing substantially to its operation or improvement in its status.

Honourary Membership:

It is for those who are not professional engineers but paid extraordinary contributions to the profession.


IT is the Order of Honour’s highest distinction. This is for those individuals who profoundly influenced the engineering profession.


The rank of Officer is for those who worked in the engineering profession for many years. The sustained leadership of these professionals contributed greatly to its operation or improvement in its state.

Here, we provided you with the necessary information related to Professional Engineers Ontario Licence Reinstatement. However, you should know that only knowing about the system and its requirements is not enough. In fact, you should hire an expert who can help you apply for it in a systematic manner.


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