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Proven methods for free digital marketing services.

Free internet marketing has just as important an application as the paid version. Interestingly, it can bring even better results. But what elements does it consist of, and what tools does it use? We will find out together in the article.

What is Marketing?

According to one of the specialists in marketing, the Global economist, this term defines the management of profitable customer relationships. Marketing aims to create specific values ​​for customers and, in return, receive certain values ​​from customers. “We already know what digital marketing services are and how important the relationship with the recipients is.

Usually, we associate it with promoting our activities or business ventures. But that’s not all. Marketing activities include many small elements that create our image and help gain a wider audience.

So why is it worth investing your time and effort in free forms of marketing? This is a simple question to answer.- we incur zero (or possibly negligible) costs and still achieve the desired fatih escort results.

Of course, when running our business, we can focus on free marketing only, but it will be even better to combine it with some paid channels/tools, thanks to which we will increase our effectiveness.

Forms of free marketing

Social media

Using various social media channels is one of the most common free marketing methods. It allows you to operate on many levels. In addition to traditional content and thus building ties with your current recipients, it allows you to reach new users. How? Of course, we can use campaigns promoting our activity as a whole or some part. If we do not want to spend additional funds on them, we should develop an interesting concept and implement it on our profiles. If the content is original and interesting to the community, they can gain more likes, comments, and shares and thus will reach a wider audience.

Because social media enables us to connect with many people, we should also use it to develop our own or our brand image. First, however, we must consider whether we want to show ourselves only from the expert side, or maybe we prefer to show more of the human part (e.g., the background of our activities, an account of ‘everyday life’). Many profiles use this procedure, including it in their marketing.

Viral Marketing

You could say that this is a kind of free marketing in social media. It is based on real-time activities, which is why it is so important to be up to date with trends created on the web and those outside of it. Usually, we can join them without much problem. All we’re going to do is recreate them using the hashtags associated with them. If we approach the topic creatively, we have a chance to join the group of promoted materials. However, it is always worth referring to your activity. For example, Domino’s pizzeria did so, following the popular theme from the Squid Game series – instead of cutting out a shape from a slice made of sugar and soda, they decided to use pizza for this very purpose. There was a lot of praise for marketing in the comments, which immediately proved that the procedure was successful.


Apart from social media, an extremely useful form of free marketing is running a website. We can focus on many different forms of reaching readers.

If we only want to present ourselves and our offer (price list, opening hours, etc.), we only need a website in the form of a business card.

However, suppose we want to persuade the recipient to choose our proposal from all the rest. In that case, we should decide on a dedicated landing page or a complete page with a blog on which topics related to our business or users’ needs would be addressed.

Of course, you can also decide to create an online store right away. Still, it is not worth giving up additional content on the website, especially since it allows us to position-specific content and, even more importantly, to raise awareness and build a bond with readers.

Creating a website itself is free, but if we want to bet on our domain, we can choose one of the premium packages that offer additional amenities, and we give our website address for free for a year.


One of the most prevalent forms of free marketing is inextricably linked to website ownership. It can be a company website, blog, or, for example, a store. It is worth trying to position your content in each of these cases. Of course, the easiest way to do this is in the case of a blog because it is on it that we place the most extensive entries. Therefore, it is worth having it, regardless of page format, our guiding principle. Positioning the website consists of several factors in which the following are important:

  • keywords and their so-called tails
  • linking to your previous material
  • redirection to other sites
  • meta titles and meta descriptions
  • structured data

Why can positioning be called free marketing? New recipients will start reaching us if our entries are on the first pages of the search engine. You can also suspect in advance that they will be interested in what we have to offer them because they have already taken the first step – they entered the password on which we positioned ourselves.

Email Marketing

This is another way to reach regular audiences and a patent to get new ones. Mailing is one of the leading forms of marketing. They may promote a specific function or offeror, as in the case of a newsletter, and summarize the most important information that our recipients may not have missed. So if we know how to create effective mailing and how to use it to expand the user base, we can safely say that we are one free marketing format ahead.

However, suppose our contact box is still not full enough. In that case, it is worth using the “something for something” method – a newsletter subscription in exchange for an audiobook, e-book, or even a discount on the first purchases.

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Participation in ventures

Projects organized for noble purposes or those aimed at engaging the community are another form of free marketing. It will also depend on what action we will take in whether we will incur any costs.

Of course, apart from the financial contribution, we can also propose our product in the form of a prize, simply help the overall organization of the event, or even create promotional posters. In this case, it may turn out that it was not entirely free marketing, but it can still bring us many benefits. In addition to building an opinion about us, we also have a chance to reach the group of people who have not heard about us yet and what is equally important, we are aware that we took part in something important. Another form that does not require any input from us. As the name implies, it is primarily concerned with replacement. It may include:


It is a collaboration where the parties publish their content to each other. For example, if we run a travel agency, we can arrange items with a holiday resort, restaurant, or even a shop with beach accessories. Both sides of this form of free marketing include a link in their content that redirects you to their partner.

Affiliate program

It is a form of cooperation between an activity and the person who promotes it on their channels. Usually, they receive a discretionary percentage from the fulfillment of a purchase coming directly from their website or, for example, a discount code. Of course, you can argue that this is free marketing, but the truth is, we’re not paying the cost here until we see the profits.

An example of such an Affiliate Program is the WebWave -Recommend and earn offer.

Use of contacts

Many of us have someone in our contacts who can recommend us or give us tips for further actions. They can be friends from school, previous jobs, or social media. Of course, this is not a required point. Both sides should have no problem with that. However, your friend recommended our business solely based on his trust in us.

Opinions / references

Suppose our business is taking the first steps on our own, yet we already have a group of satisfied customers (from our previous job or the current one). In that case, it is worth taking into account opinions or testimonials. We can post them on the website, social media, and other channels to reach recipients. It should also be remembered that not always a satisfied customer will give us a flattering note.

Sometimes it is worth suggesting it yourself – for example, by asking for a rating on Google  (of course, without being persistent).

Marketing consists of many factors. Therefore, it is not only words that count, but also actions and the entire visual setting.

Graphic design and marketing

Marketing is not only about words and actions. How, in almost every case, also the visual aspects turn out to be useful. They are not the only form, but they are a perfect complement. Why? This is for at least several reasons:

  • our attention is drawn to content that is aesthetic and not overloaded with the text itself
  • images help in positioning a page or a specific article by giving them meta titles and descriptions
  • content is better absorbed and remembered
  • a well-made and used logo or company mascot can build a reputation and stand out from the competition

But what if we can’t afford to spend too much on this page? For this purpose, it is best to use the banks of photos and icons, which can also be found in the WebWave creator, or we will use our skills in this field.

We discussed this more in the article Free photos and graphics for the website and their optimization for SEO

There is another interesting marketing application of free image banks. What? We place our photos in which you can see our product. When someone uses our image, we automatically reach its recipients.


As we’ve just seen, there are many forms of marketing, and free marketing is just as beneficial. If we do not want to allocate large funds to promote our brand, we can focus on the activities described in the article. Of course, we can also combine free marketing with that that requires some investment. This way, we will gain even greater ranges and a group of recipients.

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