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Real-time Collaboration with the Best Online Whiteboard


Online Whiteboard

Real-time Collaboration with the Best Online Whiteboard

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when we talk about team cooperation, meetings, and productivity,Is a whiteboard or an online whiteboard.

A whiteboard lets a group of people work together online in a fluid and seamless manner. You can share files and use a whiteboard to deliver personal presentations to your coworkers.

Even if everyone must work remotely, there is no need to be concerned. Employees may quickly generate new ideas and collaborate with colleagues at various levels.

Online Whiteboard

Whiteboard that is interactive

A whiteboard that is connected to a projector or computer is known as an interactive whiteboard.You can control the whiteboard with the touch of a finger, a pen, or another tool. For distant work, an online whiteboard can fulfil comparable roles.

What is the need for an Online Whiteboard?

You know how important a whiteboard is if you’ve ever participated in a brainstorming session. You’ll need a spot to scribble down any ideas or thoughts that arise during the debate.

It is not required for every organisation to provide access to a fully equipped office with a microphone, whiteboard, speakers, and projector. It is impractical and difficult to construct such a costly workspace when teams must work remotely. In this case, an online whiteboard can replace a physical whiteboard.

Whiteboards are beneficial to those interested in online education as well as enterprises. If you work in education, investing in a whiteboard will help you teach more effectively.Students will have no trouble connecting with the new facility.

On an online whiteboard, look for these qualities.

Your real-time collaboration experience could be elevated to new heights with the use of a high-quality whiteboard. They have a lot to offer beyond the conventional features like drawing and taking notes.

Some of the most important features to look for in an online whiteboard are:

Let’s take a look at some of the best online whiteboards for real-time communication.


Dojoit There are numerous options for online whiteboards.Dojoit is the simplest basic whiteboard that also functions as a workstation, in my opinion. A quick and simple way to depict your tale! Easy-to-examine bendy solution for creating, sharing, and collaborating on boards. It’s a whiteboard collaboration platform for groups of any size. It allows remote groups to widen their thinking and work as if they were in the same room. Dojoit is ideal for brainstorming, ideation, team meetings and interactive workshops, as well as mapping and diagramming. Sign up and get started with your crew as soon as possible!

It’s a digital whiteboard where groups can share their pleasant ideas. 

You can draw numerous things on this online whiteboard, and you can accomplish several forms of work here, such as uploading an excel file, leaving sticky notes, and chatting. There are many colours, icons, stickers, wireframes, templates, pen tool, brush tool, rectangle, circle, oval, triangle, arrow, line, text, and several types of images to draw. Distance and in-radiance dominating are made simple, interacting with, and fun with Dojoit’s online whiteboard for tutoring.

The ability to use the Dojoit online whiteboard is a huge plus, especially in this day and age of touch-free social remote learning and business purposes. Whether inside or outside, interactive media can be useful for teaching, gathering, and taking notes to students and businesspeople. This method is really effective.


Moqups’ visual collaboration tool will assist you in transferring your physical whiteboard to an internet platform. Team collaboration will be seamless and smooth thanks to the interactive whiteboard.Remote teams no longer have to worry about generating ideas and making decisions with their teammates.

Setting up your whiteboard has never been easier.You may effortlessly add sticky notes, emoticons, icons, photos, and annotations using the drag & drop feature. Your staff will quickly grasp the concept you’re trying to convey. Moqups’ user interface is very intuitive and simple to use. There’s no need to learn anything when you can collaborate with everyone with only a few clicks.

Moqups is compatible with browsers, iPads, Android phones, and iPhones. You may preview the whiteboard while using video conferencing programs like Skype and Zoom. You can easily export PDF and PNG files, as well as links to online projects.

For brainstorming, organising, and assessing the job, there are numerous unique templates to pick from. Using boards and nested folders, you can keep all related work together.

Moqups is your one-stop shop for virtual workshops, agile workflow management, team collaboration, and brainstorming sessions.


If your firm operates from home, Lucidspark is an excellent solution for team cooperation. This virtual whiteboard assists your employees in realising their best ideas and increases teamwork. There is ample room on the canvas for brainstorming and recording all worthwhile thoughts. Furthermore, Lucidspark’s wide range of capabilities and versatility will surprise you.

It’s straightforward to build on other employees’ ideas because you may give input on various concepts displayed on the digital canvas. To get things rolling, you can also establish practical steps based on the collective opinions of the team.

Lucidspark is enterprise-ready, with comprehensive security and scaling capabilities. Several integrations with the tool are available for increased experience and seamless functioning. This will make it easier for you to work with your current tools as well as Lucidspark.

Lucidcharts can be created with a comprehensive workflow of the stages you devised. Aside from that, the provided templates can help you get a head start on your next collaborative meeting. Don’t allow your teamwork to suffer simply because you’re working online. You may now use Lucispark to keep working productively through online team interactions.


Miro comes with everything you’ll need to collaborate online while working from anywhere. Employees may easily work on an online whiteboard because of its engaging and intuitive interface.The infinite canvas in Miro allows you to choose how you used to work with your team. Miro provides limitless collaboration options.

Whether you’re planning on having a weekly meeting, giving a class, virtual brainstorming, or documenting your meeting, Miro can help. It’s a quick and easy-to-use whiteboard that allows you to collaborate from anywhere and at any time.

There are numerous template possibilities accessible to you. If you don’t want to use a pre-made template, you may always start from scratch with a blank whiteboard.

After you’ve chosen a template that meets your needs, you may use various presentation tools to add images, files, sticky notes, shapes, text, and more. You can invite other people to your whiteboard using a variety of methods, including Slack and email. If you’re teaching a class, you can give members view-only permission so that you can focus on the lesson. You can access your colleagues to alter the board if you’ve kept a weekly brainstorming session.

There are other other capabilities, such as the ability to integrate with various technologies in order to simply bring data from various platforms onto the whiteboard.

 The ability to digitise handwritten sticky notes is another fantastic feature. With Stickies Capture, you can take a picture of your whiteboard and have it quickly converted into an editable digital sticky note.

5.Explain Everything

Explain Everything Online Whiteboard allows you to enhance your everyday collaboration right from your computer. The powerful features make it simple to communicate with the team and get your idea across. By inviting others to the whiteboard, you can cooperate and interact with them.

Everything that happens on the whiteboard is allowed to be annotated and recorded. Aside from that, you can make your presentations more entertaining by using movies, images, and documents. You can provide people with rich video feedback to help them comprehend it better. Explain Everything will bring you all together on the same page, whether you’re working on different floors or in different countries.

It is available not just on the web platform, but also as an app for many devices. There would be no device limitations. With the help of Explain Everything’s online whiteboard, you can now effortlessly conduct an interview, give a sales pitch, hold regular meetings, and even conduct follow-ups.

Last Thoughts

When you’re looking for an online whiteboard to use for real-time collaboration, you’ll come across a lot of suggestions. A whiteboard will prove to be the ideal investment in this virtual world.

Examine the features supplied by a whiteboard before making your decision. When remote forces are divided, whiteboards have become a crucial tool. The above-mentioned whiteboards are doing a fantastic job of assisting individuals in adapting to the transition and continuing to operate productively.

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