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Reasons Why Car Stutters When Accelerating

Car Stutters When Accelerating

There can be many reasons why a car will stutter when accelerating. One potential cause is Worn Out Spark Plugs.

Other causes of car stuttering include Dirty Air Filter, Bad Fuel pump, Damaged Cylinders or damaged parts, and broken or defective components.

If you’re noticing your car stuttering when accelerating, it may be time to take it to a mechanic shop for a checkup.

In this post, I will be discussing the Reasons why Your Car Jerks While Accelerating.

Let’s discuss them in detail below –

1. Worn Out Spark Plugs:

The spark plug is an ignition device or engine component that ignites the air and fuel mixture in the induction system. As a result, there is a significant likelihood that your spark plugs are the cause of your car’s stuttering.

A faulty spark plug can cause your engine to misfire and jerk, making it louder and causing your engine to misfire. These parts wear out naturally, and a faulty one will make your engine misfire and jerk.

2. Dirty Fuel Injectors:

Dirty fuel injectors can be the cause of Car Stuttering on acceleration. Dirty fuel injectors design is to release excess fuel once it is injected into the engine and if not cleaned frequently enough, particulates will get accumulated and clog the mechanism. This in turn results in frequent stutter and hesitation while driving.

3. Bad Fuel pump:

For a car to run smoothly and efficiently, the fuel pump is very crucial. It must work continuously without any failure otherwise it would lead to the great trouble of stuttering while driving.

If dirty or clogged, it may fail at critical times when needed and result in Car Stutters During Acceleration.

Furthermore, a malfunctioning fuel pump prevents fuel from reaching the engine properly, resulting in your car stuttering.

4. Dirty Air Filter:

Generally, the pollutants are kept away from your engine thanks to the air filter. But with time, these impurities may accumulate and impair your car’s acceleration which is also a cause for your car to jerk.

It is easy to remove and clean the air filters and then reinstall them. It is even possible to replace the air filters. To do so, you can contact a car repair shop in your area and they will take care of it.

5. Damaged Cylinders:

Cylinders in your engine might sustain damage. Fuel is burned in these cylinders, and if they aren’t working properly, your car’s engine might misfire. Although this might be an expensive issue to fix, it shouldn’t be ignored. With damaged cylinders, your engine will suffer more damage the longer you drive it.

If your cylinder is damaged it can result in stuttering of your car while driving. For example, your car may start to stutter under heavy load or after extended use when you are going uphill.

6. Issue with Acceleration Cables

There is a possibility that the acceleration cable is damaged. In your engine, this cable connects your gas cable to the throttle plate. In order for your car to accelerate, the cable pulls the throttle open when you press on the gas pedal.

When any issue arises related to acceleration cables, the result is that your Car Stutters When Accelerating.

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