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Storage Racking: Things You Need to Know

Storage Racks Singapore

For facilitating optimal organization and seamless on-site operation warehouse racking is most popular. This product handling system is best for mass storage of products on pallets or skids.

Furthermore, the warehouse racking is also termed storage racking as well as pallet racking. And, it enables efficient utilization of area when offering easy access to stockpiled products for good inventory control.

We have made a comprehensive guide to provide you with a clear understanding of storage racks. So, here we will explain storage racks and their important types. Read on!

What Is Storage Racking?

It’s a stock or material handling system best for huge goods storage. The storage racking offers the most efficient space, and it can help in keeping your storage facility or warehouse neat.

Further, here the manufacturers use the racks for mass storing of non-perishable items. Best when the storage area is less. Usually, palletized products stack up to less than three layers. And later it becomes prone to collapse and unsafe. Also, a drive in racking system enables the manufacturer to store palletized items. It has a capacity up to seven stacks high according to the height.

Types Of Storage Racking Systems

We have enlisted six common types to understand the big term storage racking system better. Read on!

Wire Partitions 

Wire partition is one of the most high-tech options. The wires are strategically and effectively placed. It helps to install and tear down wire cages easily.

Further, all the items kept in wire cages need special security. Some warehouses are known for using wire partitions to create makeshift and temporary cabins for managers. Especially those managers who handle the entire floor.  

Multi-Tier Racking

It is one of the best choices for a huge stock of items consisting of small unit sizes. The storage racking is specially designed to capitalize on the vertical area. It is because no warehouse fits all rack sizes. So, multi-tier racking is flexible and can remove and add tiers as per current requirements.

Usually, multi-tier racking consists of relatively lightweight products which are organized and picked manually. Moreover, a warehouse storage system needs to strategically organize every tier to get the most out of it. 

Also, pack products densely and, at the same time, keep your eyes on the height ceiling-to-rack and weight limits guidelines.

Pallet Racking

If you have a busy warehouse, pallet racking is one of the best systems to consider. Also, its racks are made up of plastic, wood, or metal, which are capable of holding inventory in large boxes. 

As per the height, the boxes are kept in a pallet storage racking system by using an automated mechanism or a forklift.

Furthermore, there is a range of pallet racking systems sub-categories consisting; 

However, the warehouse owners choose subcategories as per the flexibility, demands, and weight limits of infrastructure.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is an adjustable and flexible solution meant for holding manually-picked products. However, the difference is that these systems hold more products within less area.

Moreover, their cabinets are mounted on rail or carriage systems. It increases productivity and eliminates fixed aisles by making an accessible inventory.

The designs of mobile shelving consist of level tracks that could be either mechanized or manual. Also, on the other side, some are equipped with locking systems that control inventory access.

Static Shelving

Usually, static shelves stay in one space. It helps hold lightweight products, i.e., hundred pounds, on every shelf. Aslo, it stores inventory that requires continuous replenishment. 

Furthermore, static shelving is for manually picked, organized, and positioned inventory. These types of racks are not compatible with forklifts. So, you must go for wide-span shelving for a large inventory. It is best for high-elevation arrangements and holds a lot of weight.

Mezzanine Flooring

With a budget, you can choose an effective and space-saving Mezzanine flooring storage solution. Mostly, mezzanine flooring is a two (or three, or fourth) floor constructed on the main floor of the warehouse. 

Moreover, due to its intrusive nature, it is a little expensive storage racking system that you can select. However, it also has the potential for personalization features, like lift systems, conveyors, and lighting.  

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Final Words 

In the end, we hope you have got a clear idea of the storage racking solution. With this guide, you can choose the right type of storage rack for your warehouse. 

Moreover, you have to be attentive that overloading a rack can result in the safety of the racks and the beams bending. Also, ensure you check all the damages from time to time. It will provide a safe and secure working environment in a warehouse.

Thank you for reading the article!

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