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Taking Moments To Connect With Your Favourite Cuppa Tea

women drinking tea

They say that the joy of life is that it takes a little time to smell the flowers and sing with the bees. This may seem a bit tricky unless you’re staying in the countryside,  but  the blissful aroma of your favourite tea leaves will always help!

For tea lovers, tasting those tea moments and tasting each bite can be very rejuvenating. Tea can be your consciousness and a gateway to start a meaningful conversation!

You don’t need to pour hot water into a cup and add your favourite tea leaves to make a fascinating tea moment. Start with your favourite brew in a relaxed environment. Relaxed moments help you reach a higher level of mindfulness while deeply reflecting on each bite.

Creating a Tea Ritual


Tea rituals are common in countries like Japan, China and Korea but even outside of the Asian continent, tea culture is becoming a thing in countries like U.K and U.S, all thanks to the millennials. A tea ritual simply put, is a ceremonial way of preparing and drinking tea. You can create tea rituals that help you feel better in moments when you don’t feel like yourself.

The process is simple. All you have to do is pick your favourite mug and a favourite brewing set or kettle if any. Then, choose your preferred tea leaves. You can have a special tea for different moods or for different times during the day.

Keep your teas in a special place or a special container that is not only visually appealing but also helps make your tea ritual a sacred time. Creating a tea ritual means that everything used in the ritual has a special meaning for you and every step makes you feel happy.

Brewing your chosen tea the right way helps you get the optimal flavour and enhance your tea moments. The most important step of a tea ritual is picking out a relaxed space where you want to enjoy your moments to drink tea.

Make your tea time special


You’ve created your tea ritual and it’s working wonders for you. However, if you still feel something is missing to give you the tea connect you need, here are a few things you can do for that extra zing:

Tea rituals should be fun and flexible. Tweak them based on your mood or season at the moment. You can keep modifying your tea ritual till you have one that you feel is perfect for you. They should be a reminder for you to calm down, destress, and spend quality moments with yourself and with your family and friends.

Create your tea moments with the wide range of teas from Olinda that are infused with herbs that will delight the senses. Free from any artificial preservatives and GMOs, these blends are inspired by the ancient science of Ayurveda and can help align your body, mind, and spirit. Happy sipping folks!

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