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Terrific RC Cars and Trucks to Buy Under $50

You’ve been looking for remote control cars & trucks for your little one but everything is just so expensive. We know because we’ve been on the lookout for RC cars and RC tuck steal deals too.  That’s just how we came across so many of these toys. 

We’ve compiled the list of some of the most popular remote control cars & trucks that you can buy for under $50. Some of these are a close call and we know that delivery is going to charge you extra but these toys are so worth it! Your little one is going to love bodrum Escort them. 

Gili RC Monster Truck

This RC monster truck with four engines for its 4×4 is a yellow-colored beast of a toy with its sturdy shell. This remote control truck will easily move off-road on uneven terrain. The powerful engine motors allow the monster truck to move on an incline of up to 40 degrees uphill. This monster truck with remote control is a toy you don’t want to miss out on! Get it now for $30.99. 

Gili RC Excavator Toy 

This RC excavator toy works like a real excavator. Your kid wouldn’t be able to tell the difference except for the size. The cab of this excavator rotates a full 360 degrees while a hydraulic-powered arm can dig out loose dirt like the real machine. This remote control toy car has been an exciting discovery for many kids and parents. What’s great about this toy? This is one of the RC cars for sale on Gili Toys’ website and you can get it for $45.49!

Dodoelephant Remote Control Racing Car

Zinc metal alloy makes up this RC car and its remote control. The makeup of this car makes it pretty tough. Your kid can easily race this remote car outside because it has all the elements that support good speed including non-slipping tires, shock-absorbers, and a well-designed rear end of the car. This car can reach a speed of 15 km/h at most. You can find this car for $20.00.    

Gili Gesture Sensing RC Stunt Car

Has your kid tried the gesture RC car yet? They are in for a treat if they haven’t tried one. This super cool RC toy is going to be the next favorite of your kid. You wouldn’t believe it but this car is almost the size of the remote truck. The remote control car comes with a bracelet/watch style remote control with multiple modes of car control. The car can move laterally, forwards and backward as well as do 360-degree spins at the move of your hand. You can get this toy car for $49.89.

EpochAir Remote Control Car

If you are looking for a high-speed RC car toy then this is your best shot. The black vehicle can reach a speed of up to 15-20 km/h. The toy maker made sure to include wheels that don’t slip while the vehicle speeds. Your kid can just as easily race this car indoors as they can use it to race outdoors. With how much pride this brand takes in its manufacturing process, this vehicle is a steal at $29.99.                                                 

Deerc DE70 Remote Control Truck with Metal Shell

This RC monster truck has a metal shell suitable for rough play outside with friends. The RC monster truck unlike RC cars is with shock-absorbing features to help make it longer lasting. This RC beast truck has a metal shell reasonable for unpleasant play outside with companions. The RC beast truck dissimilar to RC vehicles is with shock-retaining elements to assist with making it longer enduring. This toy monster truck can speed up to a 9.32 m/h, something that kids love. You can get this truck for your kid for $21.99.

Tornado LED Stunt Car

With a lot of reviews that rave about this car, it is hard to miss this great deal. Force 1’s tornado stunt car can move 360 degrees sideways really fast. The RC car is a great entertainment source with its fast spins and its off-road driving capabilities. The RC car comes with LED lights to make the experience more fun for the younger bodrum sarışın Escort crowd. This car is bound to make your kid go outside, just to see the car work. You can get this RC stunt car for $35.99.

KULARIWORLD Remote Control Car

Looking for something flashy? Maybe a racing car look-alike that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg? This is the answer to your query, a remote control car for your little one who’s newly obsessed with cars. This car has headlights that turn on when you move the car forward. Your little one can even try to drift the car at home because this car comes with non-slipping wheels. Searching for something ostentatious? Perhaps a dashing vehicle resemble the other the same that doesn’t cost you dearly? This is the solution to your question, a controller vehicle for your little one who’s recently fixated on vehicles.

This vehicle has headlights that turn on when you push the vehicle ahead. Your little one might attempt to float the vehicle at home since this vehicle accompanies non-slipping wheels. However, the RC toy is for small moments of fun as the battery only lasts around 20-30 minutes. You can get it online for $19.99

Dolanus Remote Control Car- Transform Robot

Need something that reminds your little one of ‘Transformers’ or ‘Bumblebee’? You have found the right car. Your little one will love this car. At the press of a button, the car converts into a robot that can move on remote control command. This car has the looks of a sports car but it comes with five wheels. It is surprising but the car or robot can speed up at the press of a button. They can even do 360-degree spins. This car can be bought for $18.71 for your 6 to 12-year-old.

Monster Jam, Official Megalodon Remote Control Monster Truck

For every Monster Jam fan out there, this toy monster truck is a must-have! This vehicle is a 1:24 scale model of Megalodon! To make sure that the looks match, the company has added a similar chassis and official sponsor BKT’s tires. Interestingly, the makers have added an awesome range of movement to the car (250ft) where other cars don’t go this far (100ft) without getting out of the remote control’s range. To add oomph to the model, they’ve also added designs like the ones in Monster Jam. Buy this monster truck for $14.99.

Get Great RC Car and Truck Deals at Gili Toys

There we said it, as far as RC model cars and RC trucks go, nothing beats Gil Toys. You might not find them in RC car shop because they are an online store. You can get their remote control trucks & remote car via their website quite easily. If you suddenly find yourself looking at buildable RC trucks with a remote control that works on a smartphone then who are we to stop you from buying them?

Gili Toys’ remote control toys come with a high number of raving reviews that have nothing but good things to say. While other manufacturers have one or two good toys, Gili Toys has many toys with awesome reviews. Gili Toys is a brand that you can easily trust, so don’t look around, just visit Gili Toys’ website now. 

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