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The basics of Digital marketing courses in Chandigarh – and techniques

Digital marketing courses

The best marketing tool available today for getting your brand in front of the proper target market is digital marketing, also known as internet marketing. 38% of the entire Indian population utilizes the internet every day, according to the central statistics organization. Whether it’s to use social media, shop online, or gain access to internet services. The  Digital marketing course in Chandigarh provides you with the knowledge of advanced digital marketing tools and techniques as well as the skills and also teaches the importance of Communication in Digital Marketing.

Given the data, it is safe to argue that Internet marketers have a gold mine in India. In India, about 35% of businesses have begun utilizing Digital marketing courses in Chandigarh as a channel for reaching out to potential customersThe following years will see a further rise in this number. Some intriguing results regarding Indian Internet users are shown in the graphs below.


The main factor driving the success of digital marketing is how cost-effective it is. Earlier, it used to be very expensive to advertise goods through conventional channels. A brand may now reach more consumers. Given the data, it is safe to argue that Internet marketers have a gold mine in India. In India, about 35% of businesses have begun utilizing Digital marketing courses in Chandigarh as a channel for reaching out to potential customers. The following years will see a further rise in this number. Some intriguing results regarding Indian Internet users are shown in the graphs below while spending only about 25% of what they would have spent on traditional media.

That is the strength of online advertising. The distinction between a person and an anonymous person is also eroding with each passing day. The acquisition of new customers is the main objective of internet marketing, followed by client retention and brand recognition. Digital marketing in 2016 was dominated by social media marketing, which was followed by email marketing and search engine marketing. In the posts that follow, we’ll examine how each medium functions specifically. In this article, we’ll examine the essential resources that marketers can employ to implement their digital plans.

  1. Website
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Emailer Marketing
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Search Advertising
  6. Mobile Marketing
  7. Video Marketing

1.  Website

A website serves as the brand’s primary portal to its audience. Thanks to the internet, individuals can easily search for any company, product, or service with just a few clicks today. A website serves as the visitor’s first introduction to the brand. For instance, I could not be particularly knowledgeable about a brand.

A website presence is essential for companies since it makes it simpler to communicate a company’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives. Targeting brand objectives for the benefit of customers is a priority for the best reputation management companies. In turn, this knowledge aids the brand in winning the user’s confidence. This may even result in a buying decision. 


Typically, a website’s architecture consists of 5–7 pages. The Home, About, Products/Services, Gallery/Portfolio, and Contact pages make up a standard website structure. Websites serve as significant platforms for distributing content. UI and UX are the foundational elements of website design. To engage with their customers and encourage them to spend more time on their website and make purchases, organizations must have a flawless UI and UX strategy. In our following posts, we’ll go into greater detail about UI and UX. In general, websites serve as the starting point for a brand’s digital journey.


2. Social Media Marketing

Without a doubt, social media marketing is the most widely used instrument on the digital platform. Nearly every brand in India today is active on at least one social media site, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google+, and even WhatsApp, to mention a few. Social media updates were discovered to be the most effective digital marketing tactic in an Octane Research assessment. It represented 40% of all marketing instruments.

Marketing professionals should include social media and social media marketing services in their Digital marketing courses in Chandigarh strategy they help raise brand awareness, encourage engagement, increase traffic to landing pages and websites, produce leads, grow fan bases, and enhance search results, all of which contribute to higher sales results. Social media updates support the growth of commercial connections and partnerships. Although all of the aforementioned points certainly provide favorable social updates, they are also extremely cost-effective in terms of ROI. Therefore, it is unaffordable for marketers and searches marketing firms to exclude social content banks from their digital marketing campaigns.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing encompasses all emails, whether they are sent or received, in their entirety. Emails are typically sent to advertise a product or service, solicit business, request participation, and send advertising. In India, 56% of all digital marketing efforts are carried out by marketers via email. On the other hand, many emails even today go unread or are flagged as spam. To maximize the advantages of email marketing, it is crucial to be a reliable source.

By establishing trust over time, boosting brand awareness, offering bargains and discounts, and sending personalized emails to each and every customer, this is made possible. The top email marketing businesses are aware that email marketing is a very effective technique for attracting new clients and keeping hold of current ones. A platform for testing text, images, creatives, and multimedia assets are also provided by the best email marketing providers, and it does so for considerably less money than print or television advertising. Calculating successful ROI, even for a single campaign, is advantageous for marketers.

4. SEO

Search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is a method that allows businesses to improve the exposure, traffic, and brand awareness of their websites on search engines. When interacting with search engines, SEO focuses on several elements, such as picture, video, and content searches, among others. SEO targets precise specific keywords and the search engines that customers choose, as well as industry-specific keywords. Brands and Adwords management companies put a lot of effort into SEO by improving their websites to rank higher in search results.

5. Search Advertising

Search advertising as the term suggests is a method of putting up online advertising using search engine channels like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Through search advertising, brands can choose to advertise on search portals or other content publishing websites in the search engine network. Search advertising mainly works with ‘Keywords’. Search engine portals keep a tab on the most popular and exact keywords users search on the portal. In turn, when a marketer looks for placement ideas and keyword groups, the search engines help them choose the most popular keywords for maximum brand exposure.

Generally, before making any purchase decision, users tend to compare the product/service on a search engine to have a better deal. The Google Adwords marketing agency ensures that search engines are useful tools from a brand’s perspective because they provide tailored target groups depending on the consumers’ searches. Display advertising, text-based advertising, and remarketing are all components of search engine marketing. Text-based advertisements are the easiest because they primarily consist of text.

Along with the product name, website address, specifications, and call to action (CTA). On the other hand, display advertising combines rich text, imaginative graphics, and plenty of room for animations. Display advertising is available in a range of sizes and animation styles. Banner advertisements, Pop-Up ads, Expando, Flash animation, Page Tear, In-Banner Streaming, Roll Over, and Shoshkele are a few of the popular ad forms.

Re-marketing is a new type of advertising used by search engines that takes advantage of consumers’ internet activity and prompts them to interact with the advertisement based on their interest in the product, visit the website, etc. With 54% of all ad revenue as of 2017, Indian marketers ranked search advertising second only to email marketing. 

6. Mobile Marketing

The most recent method of mobile marketing is mobile marketing. Numerous avenues have become accessible for companies to communicate with their target consumers as a result of the abundance of mobile data available and user dependence on their mobile devices. It happens on a mobile phone together with other marketing channels.

The strategy uses push notifications, in-app purchases, click-to-download ads, click-to-call ads, and SMS promotions. Despite the high demand for this marketing tool, there are still some restrictions regarding device compatibility. For instance, the iOS platform does not support flash or media-rich advertising since mobile devices have limited animation capabilities.

7. Video Advertising

In the digital world, video advertising refers to internet advertisements that use video as their primary media. The formats include pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll.  Digital marketing courses in Chandigarh are videos that typically last more than two to three minutes, in contrast to a television commercial, which lasts about 30 seconds.

Digital videos outperform traditional TV commercials in terms of interaction rate and audience reach while costing less and having a longer runtime. Therefore, even if a brand wants to create a TV commercial today, they make sure to have a digital version of the same.








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