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The strange and wonderful world of teddy bear earrings

Teddy bears have been around for over 100 years, but that doesn’t stop designers and inventors from coming up with new ways to use, change, or (in some cases) destroy!

From Innovative to Keats, the world of teddy bears is full of innovative new ideas, from wonderfully touching to absolutely weird!

Teddy bear song

Surprisingly, this is not a joke! This Japanese ‘toy’ is actually designed to make your wedding live easier! Instead of throwing confetti at the bride and groom, the Japanese throw teddy bear earrings one step further!

Naturally, someone somewhere in Japan realized that this tradition could be made easier if they had a ‘throw’ gun for teddy bears and so the teddy bear gun was created.

This contraption produced by Japanese paintball gun manufacturers, Tsunami-uses the science behind their paintball guns to throw teddy bears into the air through a transparent barrel, with a simple ‘click’ of the trigger.

Fortunately, no teddy bears are hurt by the use of this type of contraption because each bear has its own mini parachute fitted, so they return to Earth safely and beautifully and wish the bride and groom well on their journey.

USB teddy bear

That’s right, a data-saving teddy bear! At first glance, this is a normal. Cute teddy bear, but once you pull its head off (yes, you have to decapitate this poor teddy bear!), It suddenly becomes a USB memory stick, the head of which is the working cap.

When plugged in, it looks like a teddy bear is being sucked into your computer! Poor thing. Maybe someone had a fixed score? We are not very sure when these teddy bears will come on the market or not. So if you don’t want to wait to find out. It might not be so difficult to separate one of your favorite cuddly toys.


The ‘embraceable’ teddy bear definitely fits into our ‘wonderful’ section!

This teddy bear is being created to serve as a robotic companion for the sick, the elderly, or the weak who are unable to enjoy the presence of real animals, and the benefits that it can bring. Clinical trials gave rise to the notion that animals could reduce patients’ stress levels, but some – due to allergies or local restrictions – were not able to, or access to such animals was not allowed.

Using state-of-the-art sunset-skin technology, eye cameras, in-ear microphones, wireless technology, and data collection techniques, the teddy bear has been intelligently designed in such a way that a real animal can respond to touch and then communicate. A suitable method.

The purpose is to provide a helpful tool for caregivers that is emotionally pleasurable and provides patients with real, measurable health benefits. It must be the most advanced, advanced thinking, technically packed teddy bear we have ever seen!

Teddy Bear MP3 Player

Appealing to teddy bear fans around the world. A nifty small teddy bear MP3 player, capable of storing 128MB audio with a USB connection, and a generous $ 78 price tag, seems to be cleverly becoming one of the most useful and practical teddy bears available Without compromise.

Made by Tomy, and weighing just 50g (excluding batteries). This rather retro-looking product will offer you up to 8 hours of playback from a single AA battery!

Teddy Bear Chair

Soft and comfortable like the ‘real’ teddy bear, this bizarre teddy bear chair was designed by furniture designer Mattie Kleinel. Suitable for any teddy bear lover looking for something completely different to decorate their home, ‘Meadow’ is an upholstered easy chair, shaped like a teddy bear. Originally on display at the Agate Gallery in Stockholm as part of an impressive single exhibition.

The Evil Spy Robot Teddy Bear

No, this is not the latest military project, a teddy bear fitted with the latest and most advanced technology. Teddy bears bein create to respond to teddy bear owners ’voices, movements, and even facial expressions!

At the TechFest Trade Fair, Microsoft showcases a high-tech spy robot teddy bear, the stage is ready for further investment and development in intelligent teddy bears capable of recording your child’s day moments, reading them a book. And even connecting with parents. The system is in a remote location to enable them to ‘program a collection for a child’. The possibilities seem endless!

Initially, this teddy bear designe to track someone’s movements around a house. But since then, the whole project has exploded. Teddy Bear’s future plans will take this toy to an amazing level of sophistication.

Creepy teddy bear

It may be the weirdest and most annoying teddy bear I’ve ever seen. And the slots in our ‘weird’ section are perfect!

Known as the somewhat reassuring ‘teddy bear band’, this ‘coodly toy’ was surprisingly designed by Philip Stark who claimed that ‘excess of toys increases infidelity in children, which led him to create this type of teddy bear / soft toy Goes all the needs of a baby!

These teddy bear earrings have a rabbit for one hand and a dog for one foot, it certainly packs more animals in a hug toy than the average teddy bear, but the thing that worries me about the dreams I will have tonight after seeing it is a small one Let’s go along with the impact on the baby.

Teddy Bear Remote Control

This little weird-looking teddy bear, designed by innovative designer Leah Culver, doubles as an all-purpose remote control.

While maintaining its softness and baby-like appeal, this teddy bear creates an amazingly effective, fully functional remote control. To play/pause your program or film. Hold the chest of the teddy bear and change the volume with a soft pinch of the ear.

We really like this one! Slightly weird, but a little weird!

Teddy bear on GPS

This glamorous but fun GPS-enabled teddy bear (Navirobo) sits on your dashboard and takes you to your destination. But heaven forbid if you take a wrong turn. For your embracing partner that you jiggle a little even after you finally reach your destination will make fun of you!

This is a great, laugh-out-loud teddy bear, designed and made in Japan (you guessed it!) Will be a great addition to your dashboard that will make your long journey much less tedious!

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