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Think Exam Remote Proctoring is maintaining fairness in online examination system

Think Exam Remote Proctoring Exam Software

After the Covid 19 Pandemic, remote proctoring gained a lot of fame in the market. It was a tough time for the education domain, then online examinations and live classes have turned the table to keep up with the academic requirements. Hence, a pandemic has made us realize that learning never ends. Remote Proctoring is a technological boom in the educational sector. Now, the question comes how is maintaining the fairness of the exam?

Remote proctoring is equivalent to actual classroom examinations. Proctor monitors the candidate in real-time from a remote location. He can intervene if he finds anything suspicious. It plays a unique role in simplifying the examination system for both students and teachers. Also, it emphasizes fairness and convenience in invigilation. Candidates can give tests from anywhere in the world. However, there are a few challenges in adopting remotely proctored exams for people relying on center-based exams for a long time. But it might burden them in the current situation, and now there is an urgency for adopting new technology.

AI-Based Remote Proctoring technology is becoming pedagogical innovation and has been showing a positive impact on students as it is focusing on the authenticity and fairness of the exam.

How does remote proctoring software work?

Think Exam: Leading Remote Proctoring software

Think Exam remote proctoring software is designed to meet the requirements of the education institutes and organizations. It is an effective solution for maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the examination. It comes with some the technology-rich features such as:

Hence, remote proctoring has made it easy to monitor the exam remotely. It is becoming famous in the education industry and organizations for making the invigilation process easier. Think Exam is a cloud-based online exam software that helps corporations, schools, colleges, institutes, and government sectors to create and assign assignments, tests, and tasks. This platform uses AI Based Remote Proctoring technology in order to conduct cheating proof examinations and to maintain the credibility and authenticity of exams.

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