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Tips for Automatic Car Driving – A Complete Beginners Guide

Tips for Automatic Car Driving

Tips for Automatic Car Driving - A Complete Beginners Guide

If you are planning to learn automatic car driving, and want to know, how to learn and what is gear shifting. Is automatic driving really hard to learn?

Well, This is not too hard. An automatic car has a different gearbox system than manual driving. In manual driving, you need to use pedal driving which means you use a clutch by pressing from the left foot. While the automatic car has no clutch pedal. So your left food can take rest.

 Understand Gear Shifting Lever


We already know that a manual car has 5 forward gears and 1 reverse gear shifting lever. While an automatic car has a different pattern of gearbox system. It takes some time to master and need practice to become an expert.

So the automatic car has a commonly 4 gear system

Types of automatic gearboxes

Before learning automatic car driving, you must know various types of automatic gearboxes

Conventional automatic gearboxes


This is a more refined gearbox, which is known as a “torque converter” this gearbox is used in a wide range, most luxuries car’s like range rover comes with conventional automatic transmission

Continuously variable transmissions (CVT)


CVT is an automatic transmission, we do not need to manually change between forwarding gears or operate a clutch pedal. It is one of the special  clutchless gearboxes

Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)


As the name mention “Dual Clutch” A dual-clutch transmission (DCT) is a multi-speed car transmission system that combination of two different clutches gear sets.

Automated manual gearboxes


It is also known as a Semi-Automatic gearbox. It is a manual transmission that shifts gears without touching the clutch. It combines two major components: a system and electronic control and hydraulic actuator, that’s why it is also called a hybrid system

Advantages of Automatic Gearboxes

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