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Top 16 Best Tumble Dryers of 2022

If you want to purchase a new tumble dryers for your home, you will need to decide on a few factors. Generally, you should look for A-rated efficiency. It should also come with a three-year warranty. Moreover, it should be equipped with 12 programs and not need to separate different types of fabrics.

Indesit Vented Tumble Dryer

The Indesit Vented Tumble Dryer is a freestanding air-ventilated model with an 8kg drum capacity. It activates with a turn of a dial and begins its daily drying cycle. It’s easy to empty and a clean filter ensures maximum performance.

The Indesit Vented Tumble Dryers is ideal for medium-sized loads. It has 13 programs, including one for delicates, synthetics, and cotton. It is available in the classic white color. You can find out more about the features of this dryer below. It’s also easy to use. If you’re looking for a reliable tumble dryer then check out the Zanussi Discount Codes, this can help you out.

The Indesit Vented Tumble Dryer comes with 10-year parts and a 1-year labor warranty. This dryer also comes with a handy refresh function to freshen up your clothes without the heat. It also has a dial that allows you to set the drying time. It also features an anti-tangle action, which helps loosen up tangled clothes as they dry.

Bosch Serie 6 WTWH7660GB

The Bosch Serie 6 WTWH7660G tumble dryer is designed to make your life easier. It features easy-to-use controls and a sleek design with silver trim. Its LED display provides you with important information at a glance. The controls are also easy to use, and the touch-sensitive buttons make selection fast and easy.

This Bosch tumble dryer uses AutoDry technology to keep your clothes fresher longer. The automatic drying system uses sensors to monitor temperature and wetness levels to ensure the best possible results for your laundry. It also has several programs to suit your needs. It can handle up to ten kilograms of laundry without feeling overly dry or over-damaged. 

The Bosch Serie 6 WTWH7660G tumble dryer features a 9kg drum with a powerful heat pump to dry your clothes effectively. It is also energy-efficient, with an A++ energy rating.

With the Bosch Home Connect app, you can control the machine remotely. Not only can you monitor the drying cycle, but you can also start and stop it anytime you want.


The GE GFD55ESSNWW is a compact, lightweight tumble dryer that’s built to last for years. Its streamlined design and innovative features make it perfect for busy families. GE appliances are known for their forward-thinking tradition and answer real-life needs, simplifying routines and elevating the look of your living space. Whether you’re looking for the best Tumble Dryer for your kitchen or laundry room, Home & Garden Voucher Code appliances are sure to make your life easier and your home look great.

GE’s smart dryer features built-in WiFi for easy control and real-time updates. It also features a Sanitize cycle, which helps kill bacteria common in household loads. And its Quick Dry cycle is perfect for drying small loads. And finally, it’s quiet, which means it won’t keep you up all night.

Haier Series 5

The Haier Series 5 tumble dryers offers a host of useful features. The 9 kg drum capacity is big enough to accommodate your family’s laundry needs and it uses heat pump technology that recycles the warm air created during the drying process, reducing your energy bills. It also has a Freshen Upcycle, which utilizes cool air to refresh your clothes and eliminate odors. You can also use the Extra Dry option for larger or bulkier items.

A unique Drying Lens feature helps you choose the correct cycle based on the type of clothing you’re drying. Simply snap a picture of your garment label and the machine will automatically set the appropriate cycle based on this. If your clothes have delicate fabrics, you can use the Stop & Go feature to pause or resume the cycle as necessary. Another great feature is the Haier hOn app, which allows you to monitor your cycles, pause them and perform diagnostics through your mobile phone.

The hOn App is an innovative technology that connects your mobile phone to your Haier tumble dryer and helps you customize the drying experience. You can set the time and temperature and select the correct drying program according to the type of fabric and clothing. It can even recognize the size of your load. The hOn App can help you manage your cycle from a distance so that you can keep an eye on the laundry while you’re away.

LG Serie 6 WTWH7660GB

If you have a small laundry load, the LG Serie 6 WTWH7660G tumble dryers is an excellent option. This machine features an auto-drying feature that uses sensors to keep your clothes as wrinkle-free as possible. This machine also has a handy child safety feature. Although the price of this machine is high, it will more than pay for itself in the long run.

This energy-efficient tumble dryer is also a good option if you want to save on running costs. This appliance uses heat pump technology to recycle heat to reduce running costs. It also features an impressive A++ energy rating. This tumble dryer is also self-cleaning and has a nine-kg drum capacity. It is also equipped with an interior LED light, so you can see your clothes tumbling around in the drum. This machine also boasts an AutoDry feature that uses sensors to monitor temperature and wetness levels to provide a gentle, even dry. It is also very quiet, which is a bonus.

This LG tumble dryer boasts top-grade performance. It has a capacity of 9 kg, an extra-large door for easy access, and four drying sensors. In addition, it comes with timed cycles and a Smart Touch that lets you start cycles using your android phone. It also boasts a three-year guarantee.

Samsung Bespoke laundry line

The Samsung Bespoke laundry line is a new line of high-end appliances that combine customizable designs and innovative technologies to create a smarter living. With this line, you can create a personalized washer and dryer by choosing the color, design, and other features that suit your lifestyle. These machines are also equipped with smart features that make laundry routines effortless and intelligent. If you want more affordable tumble dryers then visit the Home Improvement Coupon Code.

The Samsung Bespoke tumble dryer is available with features like AI Optimal Dry, which detects the state of the load inside the appliance and automatically optimizes its settings accordingly. In addition to that, it has a Super Speed feature, which allows it to finish a load within 30 minutes. This laundry line is also backed by a three-year Care+ warranty.

The Samsung Bespoke laundry line has washers and dryers that have up to 5.3 cubic feet of capacity. They use the latest AI technology, and feature auto-dispensers to measure moisture content, which allows the machine to select the most efficient drying setting automatically. The washing machines and dryers are equipped with Smart Dials to make the process easier and more convenient. These appliances come with Super Speed settings and Samsung’s AI Optimal Dry, which uses sensors to detect how much moisture is in your laundry and select the appropriate drying cycle for it.


The Samsung Bespoke laundry line offers several great deals and incentives for customers. They include free cash back, installation, and getaways. These machines also come with scratch-resistant glass doors and can be ordered in three colors.


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