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Sometimes your vehicle may start acting up due to a technical problem or an issue in one of its components. In such a situation, your car does not remain reliable anymore. It may need a repair to become appropriately functional. While you may detect some common problems, things can be different if your car experiences an uncommon issue. Nine out of ten times, you would want to go to a major car service centre under such circumstances.

Most car problems relate to its engine, which is a complicated system. It needs engine service from time to time to function efficiently. Apart from the engine, your car may start acting up due to other problems.

One of the most common causes of engine failure is a lack of proper maintenance — neglecting to replace the engine oil, coolant, and filters at regular intervals causes the engine to run poorly before eventually collapsing catastrophically. Failure to inspect equipment such as the clutch and spark plugs for wear and tear might result in an engine that is damaged.

So, how do you determine that your car needs a car engine repair or a check-up? The sure-fire way to tell it is to look for some warning signs. Look for the warning signs as given below.

1. Illuminating engine light

The engine light is a useful tool for detecting both common and underlying issues in a car. Generally, it lights up whenever there is an issue with spark plugs or their wires. In such situations, you must look for problems in car components such as oxygen sensors, ignition coils or the catalytic convertor.

If you need help detecting a problem in your car when the engine light comes on, consider getting professional assistance from a mechanic. Make sure that you ask them to check the codes to detect a potential problem in your car and fix it accordingly. 

2. Loss of power

Vehicles that run on gas have a distinct internal combustion mechanism. Such vehicles use engines that run on four-stroke combustion. Through this process, it generates power for movement by converting gasoline.

The four strokes that help an engine generate power for movement include the following:

  • Intake stroke
  • Compression stroke
  • Combustion stroke
  • Exhaust stroke

Any interruption in this cycle can interfere with the power generation cycle of gasoline-powered vehicles. This can culminate in the loss of power.

3. Reduced gas mileage

When the tank of your vehicle is full, it covers a certain distance. This constitutes its gas mileage. A significant drop in it can be due to an internal issue with the compression stroke of your vehicle’s engine.

To get rid of this issue, you can use a fuel cleaner. If it does not address the problem, consider opting for a fuel system service.

4. Annoying noises

An abnormality in combustion flow can sometimes prompt the engine of a car to make strange noises. It may vary from one engine to the other, though. The common noises an engine makes whenever there is an issue with the combustion flow include popping, spitting, hissing, backfiring, or knocking noises.

If you hear these strange noises, schedule an appointment with one of the reputed auto repair services nearby to service the engine. The sooner you do it, the better. Overlooking the issue can aggravate it further. As a result, you may end up spending a hefty amount of money on fixing it.

5. Engine stalling

The transmission system of a car can be either automatic or manual. If it is manual in your car, you need to be careful about how you balance the speed when the clutch and gas pedals engage with each other. The lack of proper balance in it can affect your overall experience of using a car in traffic as you would need to restart the car all of a sudden.

This problem is not commonplace in cars that have an automatic transmission system. However, it may surface in both manual and automatic-transmission-based cars at times. Sudden stalling is an indicator of a problem in the engine of a car. It usually happens due to an improper air/fuel mixture or the right spark during the intake stroke. Regardless of whether the transmission system in your car is automatic or manual, have it checked by the mechanic of one of the reputed auto repair services if the engine of your car stalls all of a sudden.

6. Odd odours

Does your car give off a noxious odour occasionally or every now and then? If yes, it is a tip-off that all is not well with your car. The best thing you can do in such a situation is to schedule an appointment with one of the professional car exhaust services nearby your area. This is the best remedy to detect and fix the issue.

7. The functional engine

Owners of high-performance vehicles complain about this issue quite often. It can be the outcome of several factors. For instance, it can be the consequence of an overactive carburettor or failing solenoid. Besides, it can also be due to the incorrect level of octane in the gas.

8. Rough running engine

With time, the car engine collects dust and other items that may cool down its system. This may further lead to a rough running engine. While tune-up is the general solution to it, you need to be certain that it is not due to any other underlying cause. If tune-up does not fix the problem, look for other issues such as a low battery or the incorrect concentration of octane in gasoline.

Final thoughts

From the above, it stands out that you can detect engine failure in a car by observing many signs and symptoms. If you notice these problems, get your car checked by a reputed mechanic or service centre. This will not only help you save money but also the hassle of wheeling your car to the nearest service centre at the eleventh hour for a car engine repair. For more interesting blogs keep on reading Articlesall.

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