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Why Period Underwear and Road Trips Are a Match Made in Heaven

Road trips are a part of life. They might take a few hours or a few days, but it doesn’t make much difference when you’re on your period. Periods and road trips used to be at odds, but they’ve found a middle ground with the help of absorbent, reusable period underwear. You might even say that period underwear and road trips are a match made in heaven. Here’s why they’re the perfect pair.

Period Underwear Is an Upgraded Form of Period Care

Even without a road trip on the agenda, you might benefit from upgrading your period care products. It’s time to use a product that can hold up to a burst of laughter, exercising, sneezing, heavy flows, and long car rides. Period underwear can do that. Many styles collect more of your flow than disposable tampons and some more than disposable pads. They’re the upgrade your road trip never knew it needed.

Great Period Care Equates to Less Road Trip Interruptions

On top of being a considerable improvement from disposable, single-use products, period underwear is also convenient. With the right absorbency for your flow, you can get a lot of mileage out of them without having to worry about stopping during a long drive because of a leak scare. You can wear them on their own or as a backup for other reusable period care products like a cup or disc. Either way, make sure to bring what you need and a designated bag to carry them in. Some period care brands offer a travel bag for their leakproof underwear.

Period Underwear Is Super Comfortable

It feels genuinely comfortable when you wear leakproof panties to catch your flow. You might even wear them when you’re not on your period. You could just have extra cervical fluid or vaginal changes from pregnancy. When you’re wearing period underwear, it doesn’t feel bulky or wet. The fabric is thin and soft like regular panties. Period underwear is designed to look nice and feel comfortable. They feature soft materials, moisture-wicking abilities, and high absorbency. These characteristics ensure you stay comfortable and dry all hours of the day or night.

You Can Choose Your Underwear Based on Absorbency

Period care should be comfortable and available for every person who needs to use it. With leakproof underwear, you have a chance to match period care items to your needs. These include the heaviness of your flow or the style of period care you use. When you’re selecting period panties alone, there are a variety of styles to choose from. You’ll find boyshorts, thongs, bikinis, briefs, and high waist silhouettes. As you explore period underwear, look for an informative chart to explain different absorbency levels. That way, you can ensure you find a pair that suits your needs—especially if you’re going on a road trip.

The next time you plan a road trip, pack some period underwear. You might be expecting your period, or maybe you’re not. Either way, they’re a great item to have on hand. High-quality leakproof underwear is ideal for periods. It’s also helpful in other situations, like if you’re producing extra cervical fluid or going through pregnancy. You can easily store your leakproof underwear in a small underwear go-bag from your period care company. That way, you feel prepared for any road trip scenario a person with a period could imagine.

About Saalt

Information about periods, sustainable period care, and all the details about supporting people with periods around the world—that’s what you’ll find with Saalt. The period care brand makes period care and periods, in general, approachable, comfortable, and a pretty normal topic of conversation. Saalt has positively impacted how people see periods and continues to work modern period magic, fashioning high-quality, effective period cups, menstrual discs, and leakproof underwear. Not to mention they help many girls without access to period care get what they need to go to school, educate themselves, and feel confident in their bodies when they’re on their periods. Saalt’s innovative solutions will catch your flow, prevent leaking, and help you limit period waste with every cycle.

Get ready for your next road trip with Saalt’s reusable period care products at https://saalt.com/

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