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10 reasons to use subsidized English courses

10 reasons to use subsidized English courses

10 reasons to use subsidized English courses

Does your company still not offer English classes for employees? Well, it takes time to find out about subsidized language courses for companies and start them up.

Below we give you ten reasons why organizing English classes in your company is a very worthwhile idea.

  1. Because more and more companies do it

According to the latest data from the State Foundation for Employment Training (Fundae), which is the entity that manages training subsidies in our country, more than 350,000 companies provide subsidized training each year. This is equivalent to 20% of those eligible for this aid. In total, in the last year, more than 4 million Spanish workers benefited from this option. Like and review our website: Centerforsucces

Language training is the fourth most demanded subject by companies and English is the star subject in this section. Last year, more than 220,000 students participated in English classes for companies with subsidized training.

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The average age of the participants ranged between 36 and 45 years.

  1. Because English is the international language of business

On average, 10% of Spanish companies export their products abroad, although the percentage varies greatly depending on the region and the sector. For example, in Catalonia and Madrid, more than 20% of the companies have export activity and the main destination of their products and services is the European Union market.

If you are thinking of going abroad, English is essential.

In the same way, you will need your employees to master this language if you want to attend international fairs, close agreements with suppliers and distributors from other countries or obtain financing from investment funds and venture capital firms.

  1. Because English classes can be free

In total, last year the Fundae processed aid worth 517 million euros for subsidized training in companies. The amount of aid for teaching English classes for employees is calculated based on various parameters, but if you work in an SME the bonus can reach 100%.

In addition, smaller companies are exempt from having to co-finance training and, if they have fewer than 50 employees, they can set aside unused training credit for a year to use in future years.

That is why it is not surprising that, in the last ten years, the number of Spanish companies that decide to offer language classes to their employees has not stopped growing.

  1. Because your employees will appreciate it

If we look at the ranking of the best companies to work for, the companies that top the ranking year after year have one thing in common: they place great importance on training. In fact, training is often an aspect that is valued more highly by their employees than the level of compensation or the incentives they offer, so companies invest in this aspect to attract the best talent.

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Nowadays, in most job offers for qualified (and not so qualified) positions, English is required and it is also an essential requirement to aspire to a position of more responsibility or international level. That is why employees are aware of the value of being able to improve their level of language.

  1. Because your competition is already doing it

It’s no secret that to be a successful international company, you need to be fluent in English. Your competitors have probably already taken note and are investing in language training for their employees, so you should do the same. And if your competition has not yet fallen for it, take advantage of the advantage!

In today’s competitive market, where everything is just a click away, having a staff that is fluent in English is essential to stand out in the market and take advantage of growth opportunities.

If you want your company to be among the leaders in your sector, then you have to invest in language training.

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  1. Because you can organize the classes however you want

One of the advantages of current bonus training is that it offers great flexibility. You can organize subsidized English courses for companies in the way that suits you best: face-to-face, blended or online.

You also have the possibility of creating groups of students, depending on their level of English, company area, or time availability, as long as you respect the quotas set by the Fundae (maximum 30 students per face-to-face class or 80 per online class).

Likewise, there is total freedom in choosing the schedules to teach the classes: you can do them in the morning before starting the working day, at noon taking advantage of the lunch break, or in the afternoon when finishing work.

The only restrictions are that the total duration of the course cannot be less than 2 hours, nor can more than 8 hours of class be taught on the same day.

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