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15 Best Project Management Tools For 2022.

Project managers and their teams may better meet customer needs, control budgets and timelines, and manage projects with the aid of project management tools and software. Although there are many possibilities on the market that use, choosing the best ones for the project can be very difficult. Online project management solutions is currently used by both small and large businesses for the growth of their operations.

The solution for managing projects is provided by project management tools. Simple projects require nothing more than a checklist while other complex ones require proper planning, assigning tasks, setting deadlines, making sure that everyone sticks to them, and tracking the time spent.

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The use of contemporary tools is necessary to accurately quantify, objectively categorize, separate, and proportionately allocate jobs. There are many project management software tools available, and if you’re new to project management, it may be difficult to decide which ones are crucial, useful, and time-saving.

Top project management software tool

Here are the top project management software tool reviews for 2022 you should think about if you’re looking for project management software. Along with the benefits you get with each plan, the list contains both free and paid choices.

Kissflow Project

This versatile application is among the greatest free project management tools available. For functional project managers and those who are new to project management, Kissflow Project is the best alternative for a project management tool.


A well-known online project management tool with team collaboration capabilities is called Trello. It is easy to use, lightweight, and uncomplicated. To generate tasks and maintain organization, it makes use of boards, lists, and cards. Users can interact with one another, share files, and leave comments inside the cards.


Asana is a versatile SaaS project management platform that emphasizes teamwork. It allows custom fields and forms and has a variety of straightforward task displays. You may even invite an infinite number of visitors. Additionally, it is possible to create unique rules and approval workflows.

Zoho Projects

A well-liked product from Zoho, Zoho Projects assists companies with task management, collaboration, bug tracking, and the creation of clear reports online project management tool includes features like Gantt charts and the ability to charge time for many projects at once. Additionally, Zoho Projects offers a pretty outstanding array of collaboration features, such as live chat and forum pages.


A cloud-based project management platform called Wrike makes project planning simple, tracks team progress, keeps an eye on deadlines, and facilitates collaboration with all stakeholders. Numerous sophisticated features are available, including task management, Gantt charts, a real-time newsfeed, and others.’s’s easy, basic project management software combines an aesthetically pleasing interface with practical project visualizing tools. It provides a clear approach to arranging your work and is versatile.


Task lists, workflows, Gantt charts, discussions, calendars, and documents can all be found in one place using ProofHub. It aids in task planning, organization, and monitoring for your team. Additionally, it facilitates collaboration with clients outside of teams as well.


A highly regard online project management tool for mid to large-size enterprises is called Clarizen. The system is only web-based, so the absence of a mobile app may limit its utility for some teams.


The best aspects of databases and spreadsheets are combined in Airtable. It is adaptable, simple to use, and effective for companies of all sizes. For some users, the absence of robust reporting capabilities may be a concern.

Kanban Tool

A nice place to start with agile development is the Kanban Tool. For medium-sized and large enterprises, it offers services like reporting, document sharing, native mobile apps, and more. Enterprise users of the Kanban tool can also host the program locally.


With the well-known project management tool Zenkit, you can keep track of your data from gathering research and ideas to sharing it with others. It does, however, also support more conventional methods of project management.


MeisterTask is an online project management program for teams that collaborate and communicate in real-time. It provides a dashboard for activities, backlog management, features that may customize, file sharing options, and more.

Although its revision management features should improve, it provides an aesthetically pleasing user interface.

Click up

A cloud-based product called Clickup markets itself as an all-in-one project management tool. It stands out for having a wide range of features, such as documents, goals, and an inbox.

ClickUp’s key strength is its modularity. It provides add-ons known as Click Apps that enable extensive customization.


Paymo markets itself as a cutting-edge and user-friendly work management solution for startups and remote teams. Advanced task management, planning, scheduling, teamwork, invoicing, and time tracking functions are all included. In essence, it eliminates the need to utilize and pay for various programs to keep track of a project’s whole lifecycle.


A Kanban-based project management tool is teamwork. Within a comparable drag-and-drop user interface, it delivers more sophisticated reporting options than Trello. It permits account branding with unique company identities.

Final note

The requirements of enterprises are evolving along with the times. Spend some time determining whether you require a tool for invoicing, powerful reporting tools, or a comprehensive view of all your projects and operations in one location.

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