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Replica watches: Chopard is one of the few independent watch brands, founded in 1860 and with a history spanning over 160 years. In the long process of brand development, those in power have made many right decisions that allow the brand to evolve and move forward.

It all started in 1860 in a small village called Sonvilier in the heart of the Swiss Jura, home to many highly skilled watchmakers. A talented young watchmaker named Louis-Ulysse Chopard opened his workshop here. Due to the accuracy and reliability of his watches, he quickly gained a good reputation among watch enthusiasts as far away as Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia.

In 1921, Paul Louis Chopard, son of the founder of Chopard fake watches cheap, opened a branch in La Chaux-de-Fonds and later moved the company headquarters there. By 1937, he moved the company to Geneva, the capital of Haute Horlogerie, bringing the brand closer to customers around the world. In 1943, Paul André Chopard, grandson of Louis-Ulyss, took over the Chopard brand.

With his sons unwilling to inherit the coat, in 1963 he sought a buyer whom he hoped would revitalize and carry on the rich heritage of the Chopard brand.

It was during this time that he met Karl Scheufele, a descendant of a watchmaking and jewelry family from Pforzheim, Germany. After a brief meeting, Karl Schaefer decided to buy Chopard. Under the impetus of the Schaefer family, the Chopard brand has undergone great development. Chopard is widely acclaimed for its innovative ideas, advanced technology and the outstanding skills of its craftsmen, who have quickly established themselves in the famous haute horlogerie and jewelry industry.perfect replica watches

The Chopard brand has developed completely independently and is committed to a long-standing family tradition. For more than 40 years, Karl Schaefer and his wife Kaelin have been leading the company’s development on the international market and are still active in the operative business today. Their two children are now co-presidents of the company: Caroline Scheufele heads the women’s watch collection and the jewelry department, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele heads the men’s watch collection and the Chopard Manufacture in Fleurier, where the L.U.C movement is ataşehir escort born.

In 1976, Chopard’s Happy Diamonds series showcased the unexpected form of diamond-encrusted replica watches that sparked a profound change in the watchmaking industry. This is the beginning of Chopard’s legend.

Looking back today at these classic Chopard design elements and classic series, the first thing that comes to mind is the Happy Diamonds series. In 1967, Chopard launched the “Happy Diamonds” series, which placed expensive diamonds in various shapes such as snowflakes and hearts in watches and jewelry, and as they move with your posture, they interact in the watch’s mirror like together a sea urchin chasing and sliding, the wearer can’t help but feel relaxed and happy.

Such an exquisite and unique design not only opens another window for jewelry watch design, but also changes the way that watchmakers can only statically place gems on the surface, making it more interesting for people to watch jewelry watches.

When Ronald Kurowski, the decorator and designer of Chopard, was in the Black Forest in Germany, a waterfall fascinated him: the splashes reflected the sunlight and shimmered like a rainbow. This spectacle inspired its creation: when the diamond is freed from the constraints of the setting and free to slide, it can shine in a thousand ways.

This daring and unique creation was a huge success, winning Germany’s 1976 Goldene Rose von Baden, a watchmaking award that is the highest honor in the world. With this cheerful and creative design, Chopard has secured a high position in the world of top jewelry replica watches. Happy Diamonds made Chopard a legend, an iconic collection of Chopard watches.

The first Happy Diamonds watches were men’s watches with onyx dials. “These diamonds are happier because they are free,” commented Karin Scheufele, looking at these watches. So the watch got the name Happy Diamonds, a name that would become world famous.fake watches cheap

Chopard equips the dial of the Happy Diamonds with two layers of sapphire glass, between which diamonds jump freely. When the watch vibrates, these diamonds move randomly, reflecting unexpected and fascinating brilliance. The Happy Diamonds collection is an incomparable masterpiece.

White, black or pink diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds sparkle in the crystal.

In 1980, Chopard launched the Saint Moritz stainless steel sports watch series, the first watch designed by Karl Frederick Schaefer. Characterized by its octagonal shape and eight set screws.

In 1988, Chopard officially began collaborating with the Mille Miglia Antique Car Race and Classic Car Rally, held each year in Italy. Chopard accordingly combines superb watchmaking technology with extremely precise mechanical design to perfect the Mille Miglia watch.

Chopard has teamed up with luxury car design company Zagato to create a limited edition of 500 Mille Miglia Zagato perfect replica watches. Since its inception in 1919, Zagato has partnered with the most prestigious automakers to create street stars. They won the Mille Miglia Cup several times in the 1930s, most recently in 2012.

Inspired by a number of the company’s most iconic cars, this exceptional timepiece is housed in a DLC-coated stainless steel

and 18K rose gold case, detailed with Zagato’s logo on the caseback and lattice-style dial,

as well as Zagato’s curved chronograph bezels . while the red buttons pay homage to the exciting world of racing.

In 1993 the Happy Sport series was introduced. Caroline Schaefer is unique in the Happy Sport series with diamonds and stainless steel.

Since then, the character of the collection has been refined over the years, sometimes with a touch of humor but always in a refined style,

naming each collection with a lot of meaning: Happy Beach, La Vie en Rose, Happy Spirit, Mystery Pink …

fake watches cheap

In 1994, Caroline became fascinated by movies, and Fellini’s film of the same name inspired her to create many jewelry and watch works. Among them, the la Strada series shows the plump and rounded lines of women in the fifties. In 2000 accordingly she redesigned the collection. Mixing jewelry and watches in different materials,

the La Strada series watches show an unprecedented transformation of luxury, returning to the essential classics.

In 1996, the company returned to its roots and founded a watch manufacture in the Swiss Jura,

specializing in the production of “L.U.C” movements. In 1997, the first watch in the L.U.C series with the caliber 1.96, limited to 1,860 pieces,

was voted “Best Watch of the Year” by the Swiss magazine “Montres Passion”.

In 2003, the Chopard Manufacture achieved a new technical achievement

with the launch of the L.U.C Caliber 02.01 (L.U.C 1.02) movement and the first L.U.C Tourbillon watch. With all its innovative know-how, this movement has been certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Observatory (COSC)

and the Manufacture Chopard has thus conquered the pinnacle of the artistic art of watchmaking. One of the latest technologies in the world: the balance wheel Variner with variable moment of inertia (patented by Chopard),

which ensures a more precise adjustment.

The Chopard L.U.C Perpetual T watch embodies an unbelievable dream combination:

perpetual calendar, tourbillon, and a one-week power reserve, making it the crowning glory of replica watches. Achieving such large-scale production requires not only a skillful mastery of watchmaking technology,

but also research and innovation in overall design. The pinnacle of the L.U.C series, the Perpetual T watch is the epitome of Chopard watchmaking excellence.

Technically demanding complications, mature craftsmanship, deep and understated style, accordingly

and the rigorous watchmaking spirit that emanates from the excellence of the founder Louis Ulysse Chopard (Louis Ulysse Chopard). The tourbillon and perpetual calendar coexist in a refined design style, and the perpetual calendar display is clear and complete.

In addition, the precision performance of the Perpetual T watch is officially certified

by the Swiss Observatory and engraved with the Geneva seal of quality. Nevertheless, it is not a dazzling watch, but a practical watch with a beautiful appearance and a lively interior.

It is worth noting that all Chopard L.U.C series watches are certified by the official Swiss agency “Precision Timepiece”. The Official Swiss “Chronometer” Organization, commonly known as COSC, was established in 1973 to measure

and verify the accuracy of watch movements in order to bestow official chronometer fame.

In 2004 the L.U.C Regulator was launched at Baselworld. Reduce the size of the regulator watch and become the model for the standard watch era. This masterpiece with decentralized hands was voted Swiss watch of the year.

In 2010, Chopard replica celebrated its 150th anniversary with the launch of the Animal World High Jewelery Collection.

Following the concept of creativity and innovation, the company has used all its talents to create this special anniversary series.

With rich professional experience, the combination of traditional elements,

advanced technology and detailed research, perfect and excellent crafts, it has reached another peak.

Since 1860, common sense and loyalty have nurtured Chopard’s code of ethics,

helping the company to move forward with steadfastness and composure. Independence is a fundamental principle of Chopard, linked to the company’s history and pragmatic philosophy. This principle also explains why a company’s production can reach such a high degree of vertical integration.

Today, Chopard replica has branches in more than a dozen countries and watch boutiques around the world. From the warm sunny beaches of the Caribbean, to the Japanese hot springs with dancing cherry blossoms,

to the Champs-Élysées in France and even at the foot of the pyramids in Egypt,

you will find Chopard replica watches luxurious and fashionable. Chopard’s series is not too much, the most classic of these are the L.U.C series and the Happy Diamonds series. Alongside her equally impressive fame and popularity, her special relationship with Chopard has also established her as a mainstay.

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