3 Simple SEO Tips that all should follow

Mostly it is believed that SEO is a complex subject, but if you go through these simple tips listed here you will know it is not so. Basic rules of SEO are very easy to implement and most of the time this is what is needed to get maximum exposure on the search engines.

If you are still confused about what is being said here then look no here and there but go through the below-listed tips to put yourself on right track. You can also hire the best PPC Company in India to achieve your SEO goals. But you should know what it is and how it is done for better knowledge about rankings and the tools that help get top ranks.

3 SEO Tips all website owners should follow:


  1. Optimize Titles, URLs, and Descriptions

First, make your site SEO friendly, and to make them you need to optimize the page titles, URLs, and descriptions on the pages. Though it is the oldest trick it is still the most important of all. URLs should carry relevant keywords that would match the page content.

Also, too-long URLs are complete no, they should be well formatted. Pages should be structured in a manner so that URLs are uniform and do not carry any unreadable characters or words. The spelling on the URLs should be correct. Similarly, page titles should not be wrongly spelled or misguide users with irrelevant names that do not match the page content. The title should be able to tell the search engine what exactly the page is all about and also be meaningful.

And last but not the least; Meta descriptions should be creative, catchy, and informative. Search engines while crawling pages would scan all of these and based on that it will throw results on their pages.

  1. Content Should be fresh and useful

Keep updating your website regularly. This gives fresh content to your website. But then not any content that is not related to the business or informative to the users. Content should always be informative and should have the ability to hold the users for some time. Unless the content is fresh with some good and useful information it will not grab the attention of the users.

Your content must have the capacity to engage the users in many ways. The more users will read your content or visit your site more popular it will become leading to increasing site ranking on search engine result pages. Content includes – text content, videos, infographics, slideshows, music, comments, reviews, or anything that can engage the website audience.

  1. Lesser Loading Time

It is a very common factor that if sites do not load in 2 to 5 seconds then users move to some other site for information. This way there is a huge chance of losing traffic if the site load time is high.

You should work on important parameters to minimize the load time but follow SEO rules like optimizing images, using lighter images and videos, removing unnecessary JavaScript, not putting too much content on pages, taking a faster and better hosting service, use CDN (Content Delivery Network).

It is very important to keep the page weight low to improve the load time of the page. Faster websites generate more conversions, leading to more sales and more clicks and ads.

The above tips can improve your SEO to a large extent. Besides, there is the best SEO Company offering world-class SEO services. They would also give better professional advice that can help you in search engine rankings too. You can hire them to improve your search results and ranking.



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